Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#25Surprises from #AyalaLand25: Family Mart Goodies!

Last October 18, the good folks from Ayala Land dropped by our office in U.P.-Ayala Land TechnoHub for #25Surprises!

This indeed was a surprise for us since we were just busy working around 4:00PM when my boss told us to go down for some "activity" and "free food". I thought it was just going to be some food-tasting activity, but we found Yellow Cab pizzas - free for all!

Also, if you get your picture taken by the photo/video booth and you get goodie bag from Family Mart. I was able to snag a goodie bag filled with snacks. Yey! :D

Family Mart Collection Nagewa Salt Taste Potato Ring Snack

Family Mart Collection Caramel Corn

Family Mart Collection Waffle Corn Crunch Choco

...and a bottle of Mogu-Mogu which I didn't make it home for the photoshoot! :D

Happy 25th Anniversary, Ayala Land! Thank you for one of the fun #25Surprises; it was a pleasant distraction and a nice way to end a busy workweek! :D



  1. omg. so fun!!! :) really wanna try family mart goodies too :)

    1. The chips are so-so! Haha. Parang Pik-Nik yung salty, tapos too sweet yung caramel. The chocolate is good though! I want to try their ready-made sushi on the store's ref/shelf. :D


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