Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Zen Zest Holiday Sets 2012

When I hear the name Zen Zest, I immediately think of affordable yet world class fragrances. I'm pleasantly surprised to know that they now carry a wide array of home fragrances, which I'm currently loving!

About a week ago, I went to the Zen Zest Diva Off event held in Red Box, where we got acquainted with the Holiday Sets and newest home products. One thing I love most about the holiday season are the abundance of gift sets that make our Christmas shopping sooo convenient!

But first off, I had to take pictures of the glorious food that the Zen Zest team had prepared for us. It's my first time to have a buffet dinner at Red Box, and I realized that I've been missing out on good food all along (during my past karaoke sessions with friends).

Loaded Nachos

Pineapple Cucumber Salad

Angel Hair & Crab Salad With Soy Sauce Vinaigrette

Chicken Cacciatore

Pork Barbecue

Oriental Steamed Dory With Lemon Rind

After the sumptuous dinner, Ms. Michelle Asence, founder of Zen Zest, proceeded with a small talk regarding the holiday sets.

That night, the special guest was Ms. Divine Lee, endorser of Zen Zest, along with her boyfriend Victor Basa. I loved how jolly and natural Divine is; she's super kalog and funny! She was even so game to sing along with us during the karaoke session.

She told us about how her nose has this "problem" of wanting everything around her to smell good always, and how she doesn't settle for no scent. She also raved about how Zen Zest scents lasts way longer than other fragrances she has used before, and that's not just because she's the brand ambassador. The secret behind Zen Zest's longer lasting fragrance is because they use more concentrated oils/fragrance ingredients with their products.

I also loved her tip on choosing fragrances - go for the one that matches with your body chemistry. You'd notice that these ones stay on longer on your body, and smell better as you wear it throughout the day. Divine and I had the common love for men's fragrances. I personally find men's fragrances (especially those woody ones) so fresh and appealing - none of those intense and heavy flowery notes that would sometimes make me dizzy.

Now, I'll show you some of the Zen Zest Holiday Sets that are in store for you this season.

Zen Zest Pink Tulip & Pink Peony Body Spray (P99.00)

For your girls in the office, the 80ml duo of Body Spray for Women will be perfect. For only P99.00, you can choose any two scents from the four available options which include Pink Peony (floral), Pink Tulip (oriental), Baby Powder (dainty), and Day Dream (fruity).

Zen Zest Pure Cotton & Berry Blush Body Spray (P120.00)

Your friends will love this a box of Berry Blush (a rich scent - perfect for a boost of confidence) and Pure Cotton Body Spray (gentle floral fragrance - ideal for slow, easy days). This 120ml duo for women is so affordable at P120.00.

Zen Zest Christmas Spirit and Winter Wonderland Room Fragrance (P99.00)

Your home would smell of Christmas with a bottle of Room Fragrance in the scent of the season. A bottle of Christmas Spirit fills the air with the yummy goodness of cinnamon and berries, while Winter Wonderland is heartwarming and nostalgic with its rich, spicy cinnamon and clove combination. A pair of 80ml bottles of both scents goes for P99.00, while a 250ml bottle is priced at P250.00.

Kitchen Fragrance | Anti-Mosquito | Anti-Tobacco | Cabinet Deodorizer

Zen Zest also has a line of fragrances for the different parts of your home! My personal favorite from this range is the Kitchen Fragrance which smells of Choco Cappuccino. I'm so gonna use this all over our house, and not just in the kitchen!

That night, I got to bond with fellow beauty bloggers!

With Ana and Rhea

With Liz 
(Thank you so much for the invite!)

I am also honored to have a photo taken with Ms. Michelle Asence, founder of Zen Zest.

Thank you, Zen Zest!

Big thanks to the Zen Zest family for having me at the event! Will give the gift of Zen Zest to my family and friends this Christmas.

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  1. wow great events together with great foods...i love zen zest too,knowing they're not that pricey and the scents are really fabulous.^_^

    1. Love their new look too, simple but classy!

  2. such a nice event!! Divine lee is always so gorgeous ^_~

    1. I agree! She's gorgeous and so down to earth! :)

  3. Dear god, a choco capuccino room fragrance. I must have that!

    1. You should really check it out! It would make your room smell so yummy! ♥

  4. I super miss you already Helen!! ^_^ Stay pretty girl!



    1. I miss you too, pretty Iya! :) Hope we see each other again soon!

  5. it's been a long time helen!i am now in my own domain and platform.and my blog currently hosting her blogversary giveaway. you may visit it here: http://jenponix.com/2012/12/04/choose-your-choice-giveaway-series-part1/

    1. Hi Jen! Yes, it's been a long time! Missed you! :) Thanks for leaving your giveaway link, will check it out!

  6. Replies
    1. Good quality and affordable! :)

    2. yup fave ko talaga yung Seduce ko :) nyahaha!


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