Sunday, December 30, 2012

Choco Peppermint Cupcakes by San-Ria Delights

I've raved about San-Ria Delights' wickedly delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes here, and now I'll be sharing with you their newest release: Choco Peppermint Cupcakes!

Choco Peppermint Cupcakes by San-Ria Delights

Last Christmas, I ordered a couple of Red Velvet Cupcakes from San-Ria Delights to give as gifts, and the owner was so sweet to give me a box of their Choco Peppermint Cupcakes to try.

A pretty box of four cupcakes is priced at P120.00.

Choco Peppermint Cupcake

Since I am a fan of everything peppermint, I was so looking forward to finally trying this. While I initially thought that the entire cake would be minty, it turned out that this was actually a choco fudge cupcake topped with a mint meringue on top! (I thought it was just cream icing on top, but mint meringue is genius!) I wished it would have hints of minty decors/toppings like shavings of mint green Andes Mint Parfait Thins, perhaps, to declare to the world that this is a Choco Peppermint Cupcake. But then, it's my first time to try mint meringue so I liked it, too!

Red Velvet Cupcake

San-Ria Delights' pioneer flavor, the Red Velvet Cupcake, is a must-try!

My favorite part of this cupcake is the cream cheese frosting on top since it adds a sweet touch to the cupcake. Plus, see how moist the insides of the cupcakes are! ♥

San-Ria Delights cupcakes are packaged like these individually. For P40.00, it's already a steal since it looks very classy. They're perfect not only as gifts but also as event souvenirs/giveaways.

San-Ria Delights
Contact numbers: 09175146110 or 09088756110
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For more information, do check out my previous post. Also, feel free to like San-Ria Delights on Facebook to get updates on their new products!



  1. These look so yummy! I love the striking red color of their velvet cupcakes. Quite different from those I've tried. =)

    1. I agree. Other red velvet cupcakes come in dull red, almost brownish shades. This one looks so festive. :)


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