Saturday, December 15, 2012


There's always something magical about rainbows. Whenever I see one, my day is instantly more special. I love colorful stuff in rainbow colors, like these ones I'm going to share with you today!

Shirt from Penshoppe

Our office just had our Christmas party last weekend, and we had to wear statement shirts to match the theme. I went to Penshoppe a few days before the bash, and instantly fell in love with this statement shirt! It says "Take Some Time Out" in bold neon rainbow colors and it screams PARTY! If you notice the fabric, it has mini neon yellow and orange splatters all over it. It's simple, casual, loose, comfy, and colorful - just the stuff I like in a shirt.

Frostings Rainbow Cupcake

My sisters and I couldn't get enough of Frostings' cupcakes! A trip to Trinoma almost always results to a visit to their kiosk. They have the cutest cupcake designs, and they are delicious to boot. A cupcake can't get any more colorful than this one! Even the butter sponge cake underneath is colorful! Check out their other flavors here.

When I get asked what my favorite color is, I wish I could answer "rainbow", but that would be cheating. Haha! My favorite color is still pink, by the way. Red comes second! What's yours? :)



  1. yay so cute :) i need to drop their when im in trinoma :)

    1. They have more cute designs, but this one I like best! Other flavors are yummier though. :)


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