Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Serenitea's Christmas Tea Frost

My love for everything peppermint has led me to try Serenitea's latest offerings for Christmas - Chocolateas! They've launched 4 new variants: Milo Dino, Mocha Macchiato Frost with Baby Ruth, Cocoa Frost with Butterfinger, and Christmas Tea Frost with KitKat! Milk tea has never been this chocolatey!

Serenitea Christmas Tea Frost (P135.00)

Chocolateas by Serenitea only comes in one size (large) with no sinkers. Since I like anything with peppermint in it, I ordered the Christmas Tea Frost. It's a peppermint-based milk tea with chunks of KitKat in it, plus one whole piece of KitKat on the inside! (If you remember those KitKat doughnuts from Krispy Kreme with a piece of KitKat sticking out of the doughnut, this one is a similar concept).

I had my drink with 75% sugar, since there's already chocolate in it and I don't want my drink to be too sweet. I think they brew the tea hot with this, since my drink was served cold near the frothy layer (where the ice is), but lukewarm near the base of the cup. On my first try, I found the peppermint flavor to be quite weak than I expected it to be, since I was thinking that it would have that cool, tingly aftertaste. On my next visit, I had the peppermint tea in my order hard-pressed, so the mint flavor was stronger. Nevertheless, this is my favorite milk tea as of the moment, and I wish Serenitea would serve this long after the Christmas season.

Chocolateas by Serenitea

Have you tried these new drinks from Serenitea? Which one did you like best?


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