Monday, July 16, 2012

The Body Shop Chocomania Beautifying Oil

Body oils are a welcome break for my skin for when I want to moisturize and feel light at the same time. Before, I used to be skeptical when it comes to oils since all they do is make me feel greasy, but not this time. Now, I have bottles of dry oils in different scents lined up on my bedside table for when I want to pamper and massage my skin. One great product I've recently tried is the new Beautifying Oil of The Body Shop.

The Body Shop Chocomania Beautifying Oil (P795.00)

Banish dryness, restore smoothness, and add radiance to your body, hair, and even your face with the special blend of three precious (and lightweight) nut oils: kukui nut oil (packed with omegas 3, 6, and 9), sweet almond oil (with concentrated vitamin E content), and marula nut oil (for moisturizing and care).
The number one thing I love about this product is that it's multipurpose. I can literally use this product from head to toe!
This dry oil is meant to be used to add shine to dry hair as a finishing touch, but I also love using this at night (especially on the dry tips of my hair). And on days when my wavy hair gets extra frizzy, I add a few drops of this oil to my The Body Shop Banana Conditioner during bath time for a moisturizing boost and deep conditioning treatment. Chocolate and banana go so well together, so the mixture smells delicious! I am left with softer hair afterwards!
Truth to be told, I seldom use this on my face because I don't really moisturize (plus I find it too fragrant to be a face product). (My skincare routine is just simple. During mornings, it's just facial wash + sunblock. At night, it's just facial wash + toner.) However, I tried using this on the sides of my nose when it dried and peeled because of blowing my nose too much, and it managed to leave it in a better condition without causing pimples.

This oil is such a treat for my body. When I am tired after a long day, I apply this oil all over my body after my night shower and I instantly feel better. (You'll have sweet dreams for sure!) I am so in love with the rich, warm, comforting chocolate aroma. When the weather we have is normal (or just right), the light moisturizing power of this oil is perfect. It leaves my skin smooth, soft, and radiant. (Hello, shiny legs!) But on days when it's cold or when I am dehydrated, my skin acts up and my legs get flaky, so this alone may not be enough to keep the driest of dry skin away. For days like that, body butters come to the rescue!
The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter (P895.00)

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter is also available for those who are into thicker moisturizers. This one claims to provide 48 hours of feel good hydration! Between the 2 Chocomania products, I prefer the Beautifying Oil over the Body Butter. The Chocomania Body Butter feels a little stickier compared to other variants. (Read my review here.) The Beautifying Oil absorbs like magic, and on days that I don't commute, I use it even during the day.

If you're not into chocolatey scents, don't fret because the Beautifying Oils are also available in other scents such as Shea, Olive, Moringa, Satsuma, and Strawberry.

Have you tried the Beautifying Oils? Which scent do you prefer? :)



  1. I bet Shea, Chocomania and Strawberry would be perfect for me. :3

    1. All of them smell so good. Strawberry naman yung next na bet ko! :D


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