Monday, July 9, 2012


One rainy day, I decided to go to the mall after work and buy myself some big-girl jewelry as a pick-me-up (and reward for working hard). While I love accessorizing with big and bright baubles, there's just something so elegant and timeless about silver jewelry that attracts me to it. I went to Michelis in SM Megamall for some silver shopping.

Upon entering the store, I saw all the fine silver jewelry that they had to offer. Shelves and tables filled with sparkly necklaces, bracelets, rings, and charms! I had a hard time choosing since they were all so nice. I ended up getting a ring since I wanted something that I could wear everyday (if that makes any sense).

I like that the packaging is very well though of. The white box has an orange cushioned lining, plus a small cloth bag for the jewelry, which was carefully wrapped in onion-skin paper.

I got the sterling silver rope ring. The unique design is simple with a twist (literally) - just the way I like it. By the way, Michelis also offers free lifetime cleaning to all their silver jewelry.

Their friendly staff who helped me choose what to get also gave me this discount voucher for my next purchase!

I'm so happy with my new ring! I have Belle De Jour Power Planner and Michelis to thank for that. :)



  1. wow.. the bracelet looks so pretty and intricate, reminds me of the bracelets my dad has from charriol.. :)

    1. My picture is sooo zoomed, but this is a ring. :D How I wish it would magically turn into a Charriol bracelet.

  2. How pretty the ring you picked is! By the way, what's the price range of Michelis jewelry?

    1. Their stuff are kinda pricey. If I remember it correctly, rings with gems are about 2k+, bracelets are about 3k+. I forgot the price range for necklaces, but it all depends on the design on whether it's simple or intricate. :)


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