Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Body Shop Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer

The Body Shop recently launched their limited edition Lily Cole cruelty-free makeup range, and this primer was one of the products that I was most excited about. I've always heard about how great primers are when you want your makeup to last all day, but it's my first time to actually try one. And this one's no ordinary primer because it has beautiful pink pearls in it for instantly glowing skin!

The Body Shop Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer (P1,295.00)

Perfect and illuminate your complexion with this pearlescent make-up base. It gets its shimmer from mineral mica.

    Adds radiance
    Use before foundation or alone
    Dermatologically tested
    Gives a flawless finish
    Limited edition

This primer has an easy to control pump dispenser that dispenses the pink pearls and gel together. I like that the packaging is clear so you'd get to see how much product you have left.



It looks weird, as I was expecting some pearly liquid mixture (like liquid highlighter) to come out.


Apply a pea-sized amount to your face in circular motions so it would blend into your skin. It would take a little effort for the pearls to blend into your skin, but then it's not a problem for me because the result is so worth it.


This primer gives a subtle, beautiful, radiant glow. It's not shimmery which is great, since I have oily skin and I wouldn't want my skin to appear shinier than it already is.

When worn

I used this product alone (with no other makeup except for eyebrow powder). I used this product all over my face and I like how it made my skin feel velvety soft and look healthier and hydrated instantly. My complexion looked well-rested here (even if I slept late the night before). It's like a quick fix to radiant skin!
The Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer can actually be used alone, as a makeup base, and also as a liquid highlighter to illuminate the forehead, temples, the front of the nose, and the center of the chin, but I prefer using it just as a makeup base. I'm more used to highlighter in powder form.

I used this under a BB cream and I loved how the radiance peeks through my makeup, which looks as if it's lit from within. This primer made my BB cream glide on like a dream. I find that I use less makeup whenever I use this primer beforehand, as it makes my skin look better than it really is. Plus, makeup like BB creams or liquid foundations usually last only half a day on me, but when I used this under my makeup, my skin looked extra glowy the entire day and my makeup still looked fresh even until I went home after work. (I have oily skin, and my makeup managed to stay on even with my commute to and from work. Because of that, I don't retouch anything (aside from lipstick), I just blot using an oil-control sheet by midday.)

For more information on the Lily Cole makeup range, do visit The Body Shop's new and revamped website! I'll be reviewing other products from the Lily Cole range, so do watch out for it!

Have you tried out The Body Shop Lily Cole makeup yet? Which one do you like best? :)



  1. Wow! How nice! Your skin in the photo looks healthy and glowing!

  2. aww.. Looks promising! I want to try it as well. The packaging is so pretty! I'm hooked!

    1. We love it because it's pink! :D Haha

  3. eto ba yung gamit mo nung nagkita tyu girl? :) ganda kc ng skin mo nun ee hihi

    1. Hehe salamat. Oo, ito tsaka BB cream. :)

  4. How much does a bottle of this cost? I tried it once, swatched it on, but didn't think that it would have this effect on the face. Great review!

  5. Looks like a great product! Gives your skin that healthy glow.. =)

    1. It's really nice. Try it when you pass by TBS! :)

  6. Ang ganda but it's expensive. Hahaha! xD


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