Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hit Pan: February 2012

These are the products I've used up this month:

Click on the links for a detailed review:

  1. The Body Shop Hand Wash in Cranberry Joy - Even if it's empty, I can't throw away the pretty bottle! I still love the gold and red combo and seeing it always reminds me of Christmas. I loved how this smelled of sweet, juicy berries, but still I find it pricey for a hand wash (even with a discounted price). Instead, I refilled the bottle using the refill pack of Watsons Moisturising Hand Soap with Strawberry and Yoghurt Extracts (which smells like REAL yummy strawberry yogurt).
  2. Pond's Perfect Care Cold Cream - I loved this makeup remover, but now I am using Etude House Happy Teatime Cleansing Cream in Lemon Tea. The packaging looks cuter, the consistency feels fresher and lighter, it smells better, and is cheaper than Pond's Perfect Care Cold Cream.
  3. Etude House Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam - This one has already been discontinued, being replaced by the Peel So Good line. The facial wash I am using now is Etude House Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam in Green Tea.
  4. Skin Cravings Scrub Me Pretty Body Scrub in Cranberry Yoghurt - Since I keep on forgetting to use body scrub, it took me 4 months to use this bottle up. Pretty good for its price, but I still can't help thinking how the round plastic (?) beads of this scrub will be washed away into bodies of water and will eventually be swallowed by marine life. I still prefer scrubs that are made of salt and/or sugar as exfoliating agents. I'm thinking if I'll just go the D.I.Y. route when it comes to body scrubs (like combining salt and milk powder). Anyway, I still have one bottle of this scrub in Strawberry Yoghurt, which I am sure will smell better and sweeter than the Cranberry Yoghurt variant. After that, I don't think I will repurchase this.
  5. Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil - This is a must-buy, must-try for everyone! It's the most versatile product ever made, I swear. I use it to remove makeup from my eye area and it melts heavy pigments off like magic. I also used this on my body when my skin itched from the cold dry weather last December. Instant relief! I also use this for my underarms, and I can see lightening and improvement in the skin's texture. If you're considering getting the Sunflower Cleansing Oil from Human Nature, get the Sunflower Beauty Oil instead. The Sunflower Cleansing Oil is just like the Sunflower Beauty Oil, only with added fragrance. The Sunflower Beauty Oil is more versatile and give more value for your money.

How about you, what products have you used up this month?


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  1. ib been meaning to try skin cravings but everytime im at pcx i end up with something else!! :D im amazed by how you finish products up! :D

    1. That's because I drink them... Wahaha! Nah, I had help from my sisters for some products. :)

  2. Im a new follower.. Have you tried the Sunflower cleansing oil?
    Kindly visit mine too! :)

    1. Hello, Calin! :) Yes, you may check out my review here:

      I followed you back, your blog's header is really cute!

  3. How was the cranberry hand wash?

    1. It's just the best smelling hand wash I've every used. And it will be back this Christmas at The Body Shop. :)


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