Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kim Chiu for Maven February-March 2012

I am always looking for something to read - something to enrich my mind and give me ideas on the latest beauty and fashion trends. Sometimes, I feel that magazines are a waste of money (after a month, they become back issues), I still end up buying them anyway. My first copy of Maven was their September-October 2011 issue with Maricar Reyes on the cover. Cover girls really influence which magazine I'll buy for the month, and because Kim Chiu is on Maven's February-March cover, I just had to have it! Kim looks so beautiful and fresh in all her magazine covers (and I so want to cop her makeup looks).

Maven is smart, real, and sexy. I liked the magazine very much because it's packed and pretty much complete in all aspects of a woman's life. Whether you're looking for fashion, beauty, life, sex, etc., Maven has everything any well-rounded woman would like to know.

Maven February-March 2012

I particularly love the practical beauty features! Maven is balanced when it comes to featuring stuff in the magazines; the kikay stuff featured are not too pricey (can afford!). Perfect for working girls who know the value of their hard-earned Peso.

I also like the informative and original Beauty Q&As. You can really learn a lot with these.

This issue's fashion focuses on the different looks for Valentine's Day and Summer.

There are also articles and tips on dating and relationships. Check out their fun feature for Valentine's Day!

Give your career a boost with these handy tips!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is my favorite part of the magazine. (Yes, I am a fan.)

More beauty features towards the end of the magazine tackling beauty issues.

Lifestyle: Just because every Maven wants to enjoy life's little pleasures

Maven is homegrown, real, and glamorous - every article is original and every issue is packed, as in! Even if the magazine looks think (in terms of pages), there are less ads (or no ads) so you get one article after another. This magazine is a part of my must-read list from now on.

If you need more reasons to grab a copy of Maven, it's now only P100 per issue! Issues last year were at P125 each.
I hope Maven will be a monthly thing soon, but even if it does not get published monthly it's okay (and might also be a good thing since that means I can save money). :D


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  1. where can we get this mag here in california? i'm a kimxi fan!!

    1. I'm a fan of theirs too! :) You may get in touch with Maven's dealer who handles US orders. Here's the e-mail address: rina_lareza@genesisdirect.ph

  2. I bought this magazine because of Kim Chiu, anything about Kim Chiu.. i'll grab haha! after reading thís issue i find maven interesting.. indeed a complete woman's lifestyle mag.Looking forward for another kim chiu cover:)

    1. Same here! I love buying magazines when Kim is on the cover. :)

  3. ,,,i also buying this magazine,i like kim chiu ...

    1. I'm sure you enjoyed it! Did you watch Gandang Gabi Vice last night? Kim was there! :)

  4. So delighted to have finally received my Maven Mag Feb-March issue, posted by my daughter from the Philippines. It's so fantastic !!! I so love Kim Chiu in the cover and the rest of the articles and photos inside. It's worth the wait and the money. More power Maven Mag.....


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