Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Random Haul

When I'm bored and sad, buying things for my loved ones makes me feel better. Since Trinoma and SM North are literally my neighbors, I went there a few days ago to buy some random stuff.

Snacks from Landmark

Rice crackers and jelly for my grandmother. I'll send this over to her house thru courier since I don't know when we will visit her again. I also got some chocolates for my mom, chips for my dad, and nuts for my little sister. Oh, and some gum for me.

Toiletries from Watsons

I used to think that hand washes are the most useless things to get, since there's always good old soap. But then we came to love how convenient it was to have one at the bathroom and one at the kitchen. So there, I got some refills from Watsons. I love that the 2 big refill packs just cause P89.00, and that it has no triclosan in it. My bath lily just gave up on me after a couple of months usage so I got a cream colored one, because it looks so clean and it matches well with my Shea Shower Cream from The Body Shop. The bath lily was too small for my liking though, so I'll get a bigger one next time.

Flats from SM

My sister discovered this brand a few days ago. Flats for P300 each! And they even go for as low as P200 each when you buy 2 of them! They're very soft and comfy. I just hope they last though, but for the price, I can't complain. We also have red and sky blue Solemate flats at home.

So that was my random haul to perk me up! How about you? Any hauls lately?


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  1. Nice flats! Where exactly is Solemate?

    1. Thanks! It's inside SM Department Store. :)

  2. LOL random indeed! :D aww flats. i can never wear flats cause my feet are huge and they dont really complement the size :D

    1. Cheers to randomness! You must be a heels girl? I always wear flats even if I'm small. :)

  3. I love Solemate too. Affordable flats! Nice picks :-)

  4. wow!senbei.thats what japanese snack i love!.:)
    i'm also a flats girl because of my height.:)

    1. We love rice crackers too! I don't like the spicy one though; I prefer cheese. I'm a flats girl too, even if I'm not tall. Haha :)


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