Monday, February 13, 2012

Allue Creamy Lip Color in Penelope & Sophia (Swatch)

Allue My First... is a cute makeup line that caters to tweens with their skin-friendly formulas, cute packaging, and student-friendly prices. My favorite from their line of cosmetics has to be their Creamy Lip Color palettes! I've reviewed one before but it's just now that I had the time to post actual lip swatches. These cute little lip palettes has 4 lip colors, mirror, and mini lip brush inside, for the rock bottom price of P55.00. And sometimes, they even go on sale for P45.00!

If you think that this are like the kiddie makeup play sets like the ones in Toy Kingdom, then you have to see the swatches to believe how awesome these palettes are. They're pigmented to boot!

The swatches below are based on the number order in the picture above. (I placed them for easier reference.)

These are from the Penelope palette. I find only 2 shades wearable (#2 & #4).

1 - Penelope

Not a big fan of this shade. I feel that it's useless because it's clear and does not add any pinch of color to my lips.

2 - Penelope

I like this cool red-pink shade, a fresh take on the traditional red lipstick.

3 - Penelope

I used to hate this shade because it looks really weird in the palette. Who sports gold lips anyway? But then, I tried topping it with lipstick and it gave a nice glossy twist because of it's golden sheen. I still can't use this alone though.

4 - Penelope

This is a nice light coral shade that looks perfectly natural for that fresh, daytime look.

This second palette (Sophia) is my favorite. Every shade is wearable.

5 - Sophia

If you look at the products on the palette alone, #4 from Penelope and #5 from Sophia looks almost similar since they're both orange, but the colors of the Sophia palette are less shimmery and more opaque. I find this to be more pigmented.

6 - Sophia

Again, I thought that this would be the same with #2 of the Penelope palette. But this one is a more solid and bright red, which I absolutely adore!

7 - Sophia

I'm not a big fan of pink lipsticks, but this was a milky shade of pink that looks very cute and dainty. I would wear this with smoky eyes!

8 - Sophia

The last is a bluish berry shade with shimmer.

If you're looking for new lippies to play with, check out Allue Creamy Lip Color in Sophia from your nearest HBC store. It's definitely worth every penny.


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  1. Replies
    1. I can tell, you love pink lipsticks. Haha :)

  2. I'm liking the Sophia palette! :D

    1. I like it better than Penelope. :)

  3. the sophia lip colour looks really really nice. :)

    1. It has shades reds and pinks that are so pretty. :D

  4. You have pretty lips to start with! I think all shades fits you~

    1. They're just photogenic, not that pouty in real life. Hehe! Thank you. :)

  5. Like the Sophia lip color. So girly :)

  6. Replies
    1. No I didn't; they're really glossy. :)

  7. The colors in Sophia are pretty! :)

  8. oh my gads. You have beautiful lips. I wonder if I purchase this, ganito din kaya itsura sakin haha. anyway great review po! ^_^

    1. Aww thanks, NaiNai! I have pale lips kasi to begin with. Try it out! :)


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