Monday, February 27, 2012

Gloww Update: After 1 Box

After 2 weeks of taking Gloww, here's an update. I started taking Gloww 2 times a day starting February 13, 2012, so by the time this post is up, I've already consumed 1 box. Here are "Before" and "After" shots of my face without makeup.

Before and After (2 weeks = 1 box of Gloww)

Before and After (2 weeks = 1 box of Gloww)

I tried to take the "After" photo at the same spot, at the same time of the day that I took my "Before" shot, but the sunny day won't let me have the same lighting, so the 2nd photo turned out lighter. (FYI, Gloww has no whitening effect.) After 2 weeks, the part below my eye area and above my cheeks became more radiant; as if I had highlighter on. I'm not so sure with the rosier cheeks effect though, since my default cheek color was already a little pinkish even before I started taking Gloww. Let's see if I can skip putting on some blush after a few more weeks. As for small pimples and little whiteheads, they're still there (Gloww is not an acne treatment medicine after all.)

Have you tried Gloww? How did it work for you?


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PPS. You may read my first Gloww post here.

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