Monday, August 8, 2011

Daphne Turns 1

My lovely niece, Daphne, turns 1 today. I love her to bits and she brings so much joy to our lives. I am so lucky because she lives next door and I get to see her almost everyday (and get a glimpse of her when I am running late). She's the sweetest baby I have ever met. She's so charming and friendly, she smiles at everyone! She does not know how to cry (and when it does, it's either just pretend crying or the seldom real cry).

Daphne was just 1 day old here.

Sometimes I feel sad because time flies by so fast. I used to be able to hold her for a long time when she was smaller. Now I can't even carry her for a whole 10 minutes. I really got to strengthen my arms and muscles! LOL. I remember watching her sleep when she was just a few months old. Gosh, I could do that all day. Whenever I see her, all my sadness just goes away. She's growing up so fast. She's learning to speak and walk on her own. Soon, she will be going to school and I will cry. No, I'm kidding. She's just 1. I'm so proud of Daphne and I love love love her. :)

She's now 1 year old!

We had a birthday party for her yesterday. She LOVES Mickey Mouse, so we had Mickey and Friends as the party theme. Too bad we couldn't take home the big Mickey Mouse standee. Daphne would have loved to have that in her room!

With La Reina (our 7th sister)

Party bags (I wanted one!)

Kids at heart :)

Happy birthday, Daphne! Auntie loves you so much. :)



  1. happy birthday Daphne! love the party lay-out / dress-up. who's your party planner? excited for my baby's 2nd birthday. though, i will be getting same party planner/baloons.

  2. @Diane: Thanks for the greeting! We had Party Network who arranged the venue and balloons. It was really nice! Wow, baby's birthdays are really something to be excited about. :>

  3. Hi Helen! I think your neice is lucky to have a doting tita like you. Happy birthday, Daphne!

    You have so many pretty and colorful pics... hope you can share them with us sometime on a weekly party I host called Colorful Weekend. It's a meme to celebrate the colors that rocked our week. In fact, this post fits the bill! (My meme is open from Saturday till Tuesday). Join us sometime!

    AND I have a great giveaway going on too. A pretty patchwork eco-bag with bonus treats... check them out too. :)

    Nice "meeting" you!

  4. @May: Hi there! Thanks for dropping by and greeting my niece! I really appreciate it. :) I will check out your post. Nice meeting you, I hope we could be friends! :)

  5. Awesome, you joined! Hope you keep joining week in, week out. :) I have some lovely sponsors in the upcoming weeks who are willing to raffle off small tokens to Colorful Weekend participants. Great... I know! I'm pretty much hyped about this too. :D Yay, yes friends... lets!

  6. @May: That's super cool. I'll try to when I have colorful entries! Heehee. :)

  7. wow! so much fun and so colorful..
    Visiting from Colorful Weekend Sis. Have a nice day..
    MY Colorful Weekend
    You might want to join my
    Orange Tuesdays meme

  8. @Shengkay: Will check out your post dear! Thanks for visiting! :)

  9. Sheng, I know right? Wonderful party pics, so colorful. :) Thank you again, Helen, for joining colorful weekend!

  10. time really flies so fast, happy birthday to your sweet li'l one

    Hope you're having a fab week, check out my orange entry this week.

  11. @May: Thanks for informing me about the colorful weekend. It's the first time I've heard about it from you. :)

    @Darly: Thanks for greeting my niece! I checked out your blog, and your cake just made me crave for dessert! :D

  12. nice party theme huh! the details are well thought :D sure Daphne enjoyed it.
    First Orange Tuesday

  13. @Jona: Thank you for dropping by my blog! I think Daphne did enjoy it, she was smiling the whole time when we were singing "Happy Birthday" to her. :)


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