Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Brunch at King Chef

I woke up at 6:30AM on a Sunday. My body clock loves doing that to me even if I have no work today. Papa and Mama wanted to have dimsum for breakfast, and they made me tag along since I seldom wake up this early.

We went to King Chef in Banawe. It's Papa and Mama's favorite restaurant; they serve the best dimsum! We got there around 7:30AM, just in time for their promo rate. Dimsum for only P48!

King Chef Promo Hours

Here's what we ordered:

Steamed Seafood Bundle (regular price: P95.00, promo price: P48.00)

Pork Siomai (regular price: P75.00, promo price: P48.00)

Hakaw (Shrimp Dumpling) (regular price: P90.00, promo price: P48.00)

Special Bird's Eye Dumpling (regular price: P90.00, promo price: P48.00)

Misua Co (P95.00)

Pumpkin Congee (P95.00)

Everything was delicious, and I am certainly coming back! :)



  1. wow, this is such a treat! :) and i also like Chinese food! :D

  2. @Charlene: Chinese food is so yummy! :)


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