Friday, August 19, 2011

Turning 22

Last week I celebrated my birthday. I treated myself to a 2-day leave from work (even if it meant I won't get paid for 2 days). I think that companies MUST provide their employees with a birthday leave, since no one would want to get stressed on their birthday. For my pre-birthday celebration, my friend went on leave, too! He met me outside my workplace (the day before my 2 day vacation) and gave me this!
Thanks for the flowers! :)
We were looking for a restaurant we haven't tried together yet, so we chose Super Bowl of China. I ordered the same stuff my boss and I did way back because we found it good.
The Eat-All-You-Can Kropek
Yang Chow Fried Rice 
Golden Shanghai Chicken (with separate sauce, just the way I like it) 
The food that day were so-so. Nothing really special with the food, but good company made my day. On the actual day of my birthday, I spent the day with my dearest friend, La Reina! We have been close friends since high school and nothing's changed since then, even though we don't see each other all the time. Don't you just love friends like that? We both went to SM Manila to window shop and have lunch. We ate at Max's Restaurant, which by the way had great service.
Couch seats. Yey!
Yummy Platter Meals for the both of us
I was able to finish this all. Well, except for the caramel bar because I was too full already!
When I got home, my Papa and Mama surprised me with this! Of course I was expecting a cake from them, I just did not know which cake they would get me. It's a Coffee Crunch Cake from Red Ribbon. Papa is fond of buying cakes from Red Ribbon. My sister also got a Red Ribbon cake on her birthday. Only, he forgot to let them write the dedication and ask for a candle! LOL. My sister lighted a match and asked me to blow it ASAP for my birthday wish.
Thank you, Papa and Mama! :)
Last weekend, I met up with my college friends for a post-birthday dinner. (Since when did my birthday become a weeklong celebration?) We have this "Saturday Club" where we meet up every Saturday and just eat, eat, and eat!
With Jef and Paolo 
We had a Transformers Bucket Meal in KFC Trinoma. We still haven't gotten over that movie! XD The Optimus Primer tumbler is mine. I got 2 raffle stubs for buying the bucket meal, and maybe I could win the 8-ft tall statue of Optimus Prime that I saw in SM Mall of Asia. (Where I will put the statue if I win, I do not know! Haha!)
Transformers Bucket Meal
My friends gave me a super lovely cake, too! I hesitated when I had to finally slice it. It's a choco-banana cake from Dezaato Pan.
Thanks for the cake, Jef and Paolo!
There goes my birthday week! I'm finally 22, but I don't feel any different.



  1. Happy birthday, Pretty! Stay happy! :) Love!

  2. @Jes: Thanks, beautiful! :) You stay happy too!

  3. Happy Birthday! :D Stay beautiful and full of joy! :)

  4. @Charlene: Thank you! Take care! :)


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