Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cosmopolitan August 2011 + Free Revlon Makeover and Discount

Today I was still stuck at home. I was getting kind of lonely because I was home alone, until classes got suspended in the afternoon, which meant that Mama and my 2 sisters would come home early. YEY! The August issue of Cosmopolitan magazine kept me company in between eating ponkans, drinking water, and dozing off from time to time. It's their annual beauty issue, so I just had to get it as soon as I saw it in the newsstands.

Pretty Angelica Panganiban is on the cover. She looks fresh as always.

As for the freebie of the month, you get a free makeover in Revlon counters nationwide plus a P100.00 discount on selected Revlon products.

Personally, I do not like having makeovers in department store counters because the testers could sometimes be so dirty and it's hard to say no to pushy salespeople. But since this one comes with a voucher, then by all means, go ahead because it is free (and without commitment).

The P100.00 discount is only valid for the following items:

Custom Eyes Shadow and Liner
ColorBurst Lipgloss
PhotoReady 2-Way Powder Foundation
Custom Eyes Mascara
ColorStay Aqua Mineral

If you're planning to get any of the items above, then grab a copy of this magazine to avail of the discount!

I liked this issue better than the previous ones because it is jam-packed with beauty stuff. I noticed that there are more beauty pages in this issue too, plus the Cosmopolitan Beauty supplement, which was a thin magazine separate from the main magazine.

I'm not used to having the Cosmo Beauty Awards separate from the magazine itself, but this one can come in handy if you want to go shop for the items listed in it.

Pages of colorful makeup and kikay stuff that garnered the Cosmo seal of approval. It's a beauty buffet like no other. Indulge!

Also, hair ideas to inspire your next haircut/hairstyle when you go to the salon.

Makeup Brushes 101

This was rather unrealistic for a normal girl's budget. Most brushes featured here are part of sets that costs over a thousand. I wish they'd feature more affordable brushes that are sold individually.

Lastly, DIY looks with step by step instructions. Very helpful for those who need guide in makeup application.

If you liked the sneak preview I posted above, then grab your own copy of Cosmopolitan August 2011 now. :)



  1. Thanks for sharing dear~ Imma grab my copy tomorrow.

  2. @Genn: Yey! I hope you will like the magazine too. :)

  3. @Onika: Me too! It's my fave part of the mag. :D

  4. what brush set did they feature??

  5. @Kumiko: Brush sets from Charm Pro and Dashe. :)

  6. thanks for the sneak peek. i'm planning to get this too =))

  7. @Jackie: This issue is jam-packed with kikay stuff. :)


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