Thursday, December 10, 2015

Update: Skin House Underarm Revlite Laser [4th Session]

Finally, I had the time to squeeze in my 4th (and final) session of Revlite Laser for the underarms last night at Skin House in Quezon City. I'm happy with the results, and I can't wait to share another shameless kilikili selfie with you guys. LOL :D You may refer to my previous post for the complete details about the Revlite Laser treatment.

I'm loving the bed makeover, too. The crisp white sheets look nice and clean, and is more fit for Skin House's theme.

And this one's my underarm's new BFF: Skin House's Revlite machine.

They took mugshots of my underarms for filing purposes. These were taken a few minutes before the 4th session, so the final outcome is somewhere close to these shots.

Right underarm

Left underarm

This is the current state of my underarms, after 6 sessions of Diode Laser and 4 sessions of Revlite Laser. (I love lasers, can you tell?)

The more sessions I went through, the more my skin has adjusted and became more resilient. My therapist was able to do 3 passes of Revlite Laser on each underarm before petechiae (pinpoint bleeding) occurred, which was a sign that the laser has penetrated into the skin. Nothing to worry about, since it goes away in a few minutes. As for the pain, it was very minimal and tolerable. This laser goes deep into the skin to produce collagen. My underarms feel extra soft for the next 2-3 days after I have Revlite Laser done. They also look and feel a lot smoother, with less lines and chicken skin. The laser was also able to shatter the pigments/unsightly shadows, leaving it with a more even tone, though the results would be more pronounced and dramatic on dark underarms.

It's pricey at P3,500/session but Skin House has packages on discounted rates for 6-8 sessions (which is the recommended number of sessions).

If you're on the road to perfect underarms, I recommend that you start with Diode Laser to kill the hair follicles first. After all, manual hair removal such as shaving and plucking is the main culprit for dark underarms, ingrown hair, and chicken skin. If you're done with Diode Laser, you still have to do a once a year "booster" session to target the remaining few strands that might not have responded to the previous treatments. This is where Revlite Laser comes in for me. Revlite Laser is able to zap away fine hair strands (and turn them white in the process), rejuvenate, and whiten the skin as well. (Also, don't use deo if you don't really need to. This will help a lot.)

Important: When undergoing Revlite Laser, you may not use any product that contains whitening ingredient. Also, Revlite Laser has no downtime. You can bathe and wet your skin, but only with lukewarm or cold water.

I'm happy with my Skin House experience, and will gladly recommend this skin clinic to my family and friends. (As of press time, I'm convincing my sister to do Diode Laser here, too.) :)

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