Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Gifts 2013

It's time for another haul post! This time, I'll be revealing the Christmas gifts I got last month. :D

From brands:

The Body Shop Ginger Manicure Set & White Musk For Men EDT
This was the first Christmas present I received last year. It arrived as early as December 2! The Body Shop is always sweet and thoughtful! ♥ 

By the way, The Body Shop is having their Post Christmas Sale, where you can get their Christmas edition items at 50% off!

From Mentos Philippines 

Winning this Ice-Watch from buying a bottle of Mentos gum made me extremely happy last month! I wanted the pink one, but this blue watch is also nice, versatile, and sporty!

Pantene Miracle Water & Daily Intensive Conditioner
From BDJ and Pantene (Get your own set at

The Pastry Company is hands down my favorite place to get my macaron fix. You have to try this! :D

Goodies from my favorite Korean brands which deserved a separate blog post. Thanks AGC family for being so generous and thoughtful! :)

BDO Keychain & Notebook
From BDO

This was a gift from my home branch at BDO Roosevelt-Pitimini. To be honest, it's my first time to appreciate gifts from banks. Haha. I don't like generic planners and umbrellas! I find the keychain cute and inspiring, reminding me of my financial goals this year. The notebook, on the other hand, doesn't have lines or anything written in it so it's perfect!

From my colleagues:
Tong Yang Garden P1,000 GC
Team Exchange Gift from Ms. Mary Ann

From Althan and Michelle

From Jaymee and Achi Bear

Hershey's Candy Cane & Cookies 'n' Creme
From Achi V and Analyn

Marshmallows, Candies, and Crispies
From Tina
As you can see, giving and receiving chocolates in the office was the trend for 2013!

Paul Frank Luggage Tag
From Jumar

Human Nature Natural Strengthening Shampoo in Cool Peppermint
From Ness
This one has rekindled my love for Human Nature's hair care products! I ordered the matching conditioner the moment I received this, and now my wavy hair is so healthy! Love!

The Body Shop Leona Lewis Lip Gloss in Deerlicious Coral
From Kyra
The Leona Lewis CD was from The Body Shop a few months back. It makes for a good backdrop for my new Leona Lewis Lip Gloss. I love this one since it's perfect for the cool weather we're having lately - no chapping, just happy and shiny lips!

From Robin

From my family:

From my aunt Dorothy

SSI Purple Gift Card
From my sisters Melissa and Vivian

I'm thinking where to spend this. I'm thinking it's either makeup from Beauty Bar or food from Marks & Spencer. (Food? Boring, I know! Haha. My sister is saving her card for Zara.)

Black Asprey NATO Nylon Watch Strap (to go with my Veloci watch)
From my sister Cindy

I love this black watch strap! Now I can officially wear my Veloci watch everyday since the black strap goes with everything.

Black Skater Skirt
From my sister Ann 

I like that I can wear this skirt to the office or at the mall. Skater skirts are so cute, I want them in all colors!

From my sweetest friend:

Marks & Spencer Blissful Strawberry Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion
From La Reina

I wasn't really expecting to receive a lot this year (someone's getting old and losing the warm and fuzzy Christmas spirit), maybe just from my sisters (since that's what we always do during Christmas), but I feel truly blessed. Thank you to everyone who remembered me! :D

I hope you all got to enjoy and make the most out of the holidays! Looking forward to the new year. :)



  1. Love this post, hehe! :D I really, really like that Ice watch - it's so pretty! I got a watch this christmas too, but I wish there were Ice watches here in Toronto. o.o I've never seen one! Your gifts are all so nice and thoughtful. ^_^

    1. Hi June! I loved your Christmas gifts post too! :D Saw the watch you got, it's so classy and elegant!

  2. I was hoping you would make a post like this! :D Those bracelets look so dainty and pretty!

    1. I enjoyed reading your post as well! :)

  3. I enjoy readings posts like this! ^^ Grabe daming chocolates <3 You're so lucky! I love the Ice watch!

    1. I enjoy reading your posts too! Buhay pa yung chocolates until now. Haha! :)


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