Monday, January 13, 2014

Fish & Co. Trinoma

My first two weekends for the year were so well spent, because I was able to meetup with my high school loves! Whenever we meet, all we do is eat and talk like there's no tomorrow. After months of not seeing each other, we had our new year dinner at Fish & Co. in Trinoma. I've passed by this restaurant countless times, but it's my first time to dine here. Much to my delight, they do offer more than just fish!

Philadelphia Fish & Chips (P595.00; Just for me P295.00)

I think a trip to Fish & Co. wouldn't be complete without an order of their famous fish and chips. We ordered it the regular size, and was surprised on how huge the fish fillets were! Philadelphia Fish & Chips is a remake of their classic all time favorite - with added cream cheese topped with lemon butter sauce. The batter was light and crisp, and inside it was soft, tender fish meat with cream cheese. The cream cheese lacked the usual sharpness/tanginess and tasted more like cream. This one's good, but I bet the regular version (named The Best Fish & Chips in Town!) would taste even better. Can't beat the classic!

Fried Calamari (Regular P375.00; To share P530.00)

This was actually the first dish to arrive, and we happily dipped into it with gusto. Each piece of calamari is coated with spiced flour and deep fried to golden brown. It's your usual fried squid rings, but what made it even better were the brown squid pieces (so flavorful!).
Chicken Pesto Quesadilly (P355.00)

Aside from the delightful starter that was the Fried Calamari, we also ordered quesadillas. The Chicken Pesto Quesadilly is made up of grilled flour tortilla stuffed with grilled chicken, cheese mix, and pesto sauce, served with nacho chips on the side. Don't let the photo here and on the menu fool you, the quesadillas are smaller than they look. Taste-wise, it's good, so we don't really mind.

Chicken & Mushroom Cream Pasta (P550.00)

I just got to try a bit of this pasta, and I found the creaminess just right. If you like white sauce pasta, then you might like this as well, since it's tossed in Alfredo sauce and topped with chicken cubes and mushrooms.

Salmon Cannelloni (P575.00)

The Salmon Cannelloni is one of Fish & Co.'s new offerings. It's salmon-filled pasta sheets topped with cheesy bechamel sauce. The salmon pieces inside were so soft and tender, while the sauce wasn't so overwhelming. If you're looking for a new way to enjoy salmon, this is the answer!

Peri-Peri Prawns (P495.00)

This order came with five pieces of butterflied and grilled prawns, served with peri-peri sauce. We had our sauce served on the side, since some of us didn't like spicy food. The Peri-Peri Prawns came with sauteed vegetables and seafood rice, which I wish didn't have raisins in it. This dish was the only one we weren't able to finish, since we were so full already!

Meet my high school loves: La Reina, Jeanne, Tiff, and Pan ♥

My friends and I enjoyed our first dinner date at Fish & Co.! Looking forward to trying more of their dishes in the future.

Fish & Co. Trinoma Mall
Trinoma Mall, EDSA Cor. North Ave., Quezon City



  1. Wow, very yummy food! I can't wait to try these! The fried calamari and peri-peri prawns are on my to-try list! Thanks Helen for the yummy photos!

    1. You're welcome, Chris! The Fried Calamari is the best, you have to try it! :D

      Okay, enough English. Tope! Meron pala akong coupons for Fish & Co. I wasn't aware nung kumain kami ng girls. :o

  2. I really liked the food served here, especially one of their Fish and Chips! But I think the price is too expensive for the food compared to other places I've been to in my opinion. Haha! :P

    1. Yes, it's kinds pricey nga. But still, I want to go back and try the classic fish and chips, and order the calamari again. Sarap eh. :D

  3. Your post reminds me i miss Fish & Co! Need to visit soon. :)
    Nice post!

    1. Thank you so much, Fred! :D Time to visit the restaurant!


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