Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY: Tinted Lip Balms

When I am bored, I sometimes like pretending to be a chemist or a scientist and mix stuff to see if I could come up with something new. One afternoon, I decided to make my own tinted lip balms! I used the same method as my previous DIY (Save My Lipstick).

What you need are your old lippies, or those you barely use anymore (and therefore needs attention), so it wouldn't hurt as much when you finally scoop out the products from the case. I used my Allue Creamy Lip Color palettes, my sister's broken NYX lipstick, and my Carmex lip balm for this.

To do this, you'd have to mix some lipstick and lip balm on a metal spoon and place it over a candle so the mixture would melt. (See my complete tutorial here.) The more lipstick you put, the more pigmented the tint would be, of course. Once it turns to liquid, you can then pour it over your desired container. (I get my cutesy little pots from Landmark.) Let it cool for about 30 minutes, and you're done!

My DIY tinted lip balms!

I'm so proud of these! My first one wherein I saved my lipstick didn't look as nice as these. The Carmex lip balm in this mixture still tingles when applied on the lips. (Good thing the heat did not make it disappear!) The pink one on the left is mostly NYX + Carmex + Allue. The red one was mostly Allue + Carmex (which yielded to a pigmented, soft-textured, glossy red lippie).

Have you tried making your own lip balms at home?



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