Tuesday, May 29, 2012

J.Co Donuts

I've been hearing on how great J.Co Donuts are since they opened their first store in SM Megamall, but it's just now that I've finally got the chance to try it. My friend and I went to their store in SM Mall of Asia last Saturday after shopping in the Superb Bazaar in SMX for some energy-boosting treats! The J.Co store there was on their soft opening and yet there were lots of people lining up and buying their yummy donuts. Their store was a bit small and all tables were occupied, so we had to sit outside.

I had a hard time choosing what flavors to get because all of the donuts looked so colorful and delicious. After much deliberation, here's what I ended up choosing.

Left to Right: Blueberry More, Donna Italiano, Mona Pisa, Cheese Me Up, Tiramisu (2), Oreology, Berry Spears, Funilla Glaze, Coco Loco, Donna Italiano, Heaven Berry

Left to Right: Coco Loco, Black Jack, Choconuttzy, Snow White, Heaven Berry, Don Mochino, Green Tease, Choco Caviar Strawberry, Alcapone, Why Nut, Tiramisu, Avocado Dicaprio

Nothing is sweeter than the togetherness we share. 

I got 2 dozens so I could take home these treats to my family. My friend and I also had some donuts on the spot.

Donna Italiano

The nutty filling is mixed with Italian chocolate and a hint of expresso. The white topping has a mousse like consistency that adds creaminess and a bit of texture to the donut.


This donut has a smooth Tiramisu flavored cream, which also has hints of expresso (similar to Donna Italiano). Although at first this looked like cookies and cream, that's actually cocoa powder sprinkled on top of the donut.

Mona Pisa 

Mona Pisa is J.Co's very savory and meaty donut. It tastes like cheesy sausage pizza, which I like!
Don Mochino

Coffee lovers will go crazy over this donut! One bite and this became my instant favorite. Mocha, chocolate, and coffee rolled into a delightful donut. And look at the white hearts! I wish I bought more pieces of this variant, because I know that my family will love this.
Avocado Dicaprio

Avocado cream with chocolate shavings on the side, this unique flavor will surely tickle your taste buds. It's fruity and not too sweet, which is a good thing. (I'm not so fond of it's slight bitter aftertaste though.)

J.Co donuts are so not overrated, and people line up for these because they're just so good. The texture of the donut is soft - you can hold it, pinch it a little, and it would flatten. With so many variants to choose from, there's surely a donut flavor for everyone.

I took the remaining donuts home, and it didn't even survive 24 hours because my family found it so delicious. However, it's best to eat it on the same day you bought it, as the donuts are at their softest, yummiest state. (The donuts became dry when we left it in the room overnight).

J.Co Donuts are priced at P42.00 per piece, P230.00 per 1/2 half dozen, P350.00 per 1 dozen, and P550.00 per 2 dozen. They currently have 2 stores at SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia. I hope their store in Trinoma (which is currently under construction) opens soon. We badly need our J.Co fix up here in the North. :)



  1. Wow buying two dozen is definitely a steal vs buying just one! They really know how to tempt us into buying their sweet treats! :3

    1. Super steal pag 2 dozens, kasi P23 nalang each vs. P42! :D I want mooooore!

  2. omg those chocolate flavored!:D

  3. huhuhu they're so yummy >.< T.T Ms. Helen pupunta po ba kayo Bloggers United 3? :)

    1. They are! The sweetness is just right. :) Nope Arra, I won't be going there.

  4. how much did you pay for the 2 dozens? :)

  5. Avocado DiCaprio for the win! Super favorite ko. Pati bf ko, nung dinala ko sa Megamall, he can't resist buying 2 dozen donuts from J.Co. Ginawa nyang breakfast, lunch and dinner. hahaha :D

    1. Don Mochino yung favorite ko! ♥ Haha! Yun din ang gagawin ko if ever, J.Co all day long. Pag open na yung sa Trinoma punta tayo!

  6. It would flatten? It's not worth the money then. It's like you're paying much for an air-filled donut. Their donuts are just like the ones in Dunkin Donuts except that J.Co has more flavors.

    1. It would flatten but it's not hollow. It's soft the first day you buy it, but the next day and beyond, it turns into a hard donut. They're not the same as Dunkin Donuts since J.Co uses more premium ingredients.


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