Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beat the Summer Heat with Bo's Coffee Biscotti Amaretto

Bo's Coffee has definitely made a name for itself here in the Philippines. Some might be surprised to know that this coffee chain is actually proudly local and homegrown. From opening its first store in Ayala Cebu way back in 1996, Bo's Coffee has gone a long way - currently having 56 stores, the newest one being in Solenad, Laguna. I was very fortunate to be invited for Bo's Coffee's Bloggers Meet, wherein I got to chat with the Bo's Coffee team over coffee and cakes.

Before you think that the owner of Bo's Coffee is Bo (like I did), I'd be glad to share with you a little trivia. Bo's Coffee is the brainchild of Mr. Steve Benitez (founder and CEO of Bo's Coffee) whose passion for travel and coffee led him to his mentor, Bo, who taught him everything he knew about coffee. Mr. Benitez then named his coffee shop in honor of his mentor.

Bo's Coffee is always "just roasted". This means that freshness is their priority - which is the true value for the customers enjoyment. Bo's Coffee crafts their coffee with utmost care and perfection, from the aroma to the froth. If the coffee beans are not fresh, there will be a bitter aftertaste. If the coffee beans have been underextracted, the result will be bland. The coffee must always be within the process.

In the event, I learned about the 4 elements of good coffee:
(1) Good beans
(2) Quality of equipment
(3) Water with no aftertaste
(4) Barista skill

Because Bo's Coffee is proudly Filipino, they make use of local coffee beans from highlands (Benguet and Cordillera) and lowlands (Cavite and Batangas).
We were introduced to their summer drink, Biscotti Amaretto.

  Biscotti Amaretto
Blended coffee with biscotti and Amaretto syrup topped with whipped cream, dark chocolate drizzle and crushed biscotti sprinkles.

It's a different take on having biscotti together with your drink, since it's usually dipped in coffee or wine. Here, it's blended into and sprinkled on the drink. I could distinctly taste the biscotti with every sip, which added a unique texture to the drink. Those that love almonds would be thrilled because of the non-alcoholic, sweet almond liqueur used to flavor the drink.

The biscotti in the drink contains the ones that Bo's Coffee makes and sells in their stores. They have their own commissary that bakes their own cakes, cookies, and biscuits.

Speaking of cakes, let me introduce you to Bo's Super Moist Chocolate Cake! 
Super Moist Chocolate Cake
This super moist chocolate cake is fresh, soft, thick, fudgy, dense, moist, and everything you want in a chocolate cake. The cake's sweetness is just right and won't induce a toothache. One slice is good for sharing, since it's so heavy. (I'm not complaining though, since I finished mine on my own!)

Here are other delicious cakes and pastries you could try together with your coffee on your next visit to Bo's Coffee.

Together with the friendly Bo's Coffee team

I'd like to thank the Bo's Coffee team for inviting me to this little get-together. I learned so much about the brand, and it helped me appreciate more how great the local coffee industry is. The next time I'll be going to Bo's Coffee, I'm bringing my Dad with me since he's the coffee addict in our family and I'm sure that he'll enjoy it as much as I did!



  1. Nice meeting you in this event Helen.


    1. Same here! See you again soon, Sammy! :)


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