Monday, May 14, 2012

Bibingkinitan: The Bibingka and Coffee Place

We have the yummiest native delicacies here in the Philippines, and bibingka (rice cake) is one of them. It is traditionally eaten during the Christmas season, but I'm very glad that I can have my bibingka fix any time, any day, thanks to Bibingkinitan!

Original Bibingkinitan
Soft and moist rice cakes made from 100% rice flour (Galapong), topped with generous servings of salted duck egg and cheddar cheese.

Bibingkinitan is the Philippines’ leading and biggest bibingka and coffee chain popularized by its variety of soft and moist bibingka and 100% Barako (Philippine Liberica) Coffee, which is characterized by its full and strong flavor. They have over 200 stores (mostly kiosks) nationwide, and I'm glad that 2 of them are so near my place. (Hello, Waltermart North EDSA and SM The Block!)

P20.00/piece | P120.00/box of 6

Bibingkinitan was established in 2006. In today's world where burgers and doughnuts rule, Bibingkinitan is a refreshing change since it initiated renewed interest on Filipino delicacies. At P20.00 a piece, it's quite affordable, despite its small size, since you won't have to worry about its cleanliness (versus those bought from the streets). Each piece is baked and wrapped in banana leaves, which adds to the smokey flavor. The bibingka is most delicious when it's warm, but even if you travel with these babies, they still retain their soft and moist state, and you can reheat them in an oven toaster/microwave oven and top it with butter for a delicious treat.

The best thing to combine with your yummy bibingka is Barako coffee. Bibingka serves them hot or cold, whichever you prefer. For summer, they launched their newest drink, which is Iced Barako.

Iced Barako
Icy cool strong barako coffee with a twist. Freshly brewed and perfectly blended with a creamy taste.

 The crew were very sweet to leave a note on the cup!

This big cup of Iced Barako costs only P45.00. It's a great way to beat the heat and energize your system. It's strong but sweet and creamy at the same time, which is definitely my kind of coffee.

Next time you're looking for snacks, drop by your nearest Bibingkinitan branch to get your bibingka fix. Don't blame me if you get hooked!


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  1. i recently had the chance to eat bibingkinitan again... and wow, i missed the taste!! :) sooo good!

    1. Agree! I like it better than big bibingkas. :)


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