Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hit Pan: March 2012

I began doing these "Hit Pan" posts starting this January, and this is my third one. It has become a month-end ritual for me. I use lots of beauty products, and I feel like it's an accomplishment sticking to one and finishing it. I have yet to finish a makeup product; all of these are personal care items. Because of beauty blogging, I get to try many products, and if a product does not work out for me, I try to find others who might find a better use for it so it won't be a waste (which therefore never gets hit panned by me).

These are the products that I've used up this month:

1. Human Nature Natural Strengthening Shampoo
I used this together with its matching conditioner (which I emptied last January). The strengthening shampoo and conditioner do not smell as fragrant as conventional hair care products, and even it's green (grassy) scent does not linger. I had this experience of riding the jeepney on a sunny lunch hour, and the smell of smoke and sweat sticked to my hair like crazy, I had to tie it. (That's one problem of those who commute in Manila.) I wish this shampoo would have a fresher scent that lingers, because it would be perfect that way. I like the fact that it's sulfate-free (which is friendly for colored and chemically-treated hair). My hair color won't easily fade or turn brassy when I use this duo. This range is also less drying compared to conventional shampoos. Although I like this product, I still think I can find better alternatives for it.

2. Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil
This is one of the best products I've used for my hair. It's a cleansing conditioner, somewhat like a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, so it lets me skip my regular shampoo once in a while. (I can't totally skip shampoo forever though, since my hair would be an oily mess by then.) It has a strong, soapy, clean scent that I am very fond of. It keeps my hair soft, and my waves more defined. Snoe has a new variant of Hair Heroes (Extreme) with Emu and Acai, but it's a straightening balm, so I think I'll stick to this red one since I'd like to keep my waves.

3. The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream
I love shower gels/creams because they don't leave a layer of scum on my skin. I think the previous bar soaps and conventional hair care products I used before was the cause of my bacne (which is now gone). This one from The Body Shop smells warm and comforting, and would go very well with their Chocomania lotion or body butter.

4. Human Nature Natural Feminine Wash
This big bottle lasted approximately 2 months in our home (with 6 ladies using it). Like I said before, I won't be shifting back to chemical feminine washes, ever. Once you've tried this underrated product, there's no turning back. This is the second big bottle we've emptied at home.

5. Human Nature Spray Sanitizer in Citrus Burst
This is the second small bottle I've used up, but as of now I have not repurchased because of my little project here. But if ever I had to get another bottle of hand sanitizer, I would purchase this one, but in Juicy Burst (with a berry scent). This hand sanitizer is liquid and comes in a spray-type bottle, so there's definitely no stickiness, unlike the gel-type hand sanitizers.

6. Human Nature Body Butter in Mango
This was emptied with the help of my Mom, who loves this product even more than I do. I adore the scent of this mango body butter because it smells like real mango dessert. It's an okay moisturizer, but I find it weird that a body salve this thick can't make the dry patches around my legs disappear. There must be something lacking. A bit of sunflower oil, maybe? Maybe my skin got "immune" to its moisturizing effects after a few weeks, so my Mom traded her The Body Shop Body Butter in Mango with me (which I emptied last year). I'll share with you all one product I've recently tried that worked better than Human Nature's Body Butter, yet with a lighter texture. (Guess what, it's from Human Nature, too!)

Care to share about the product you've hit panned this month?



  1. hihihi lucky you! I don't think I'll be able to finish off my products that fast cause i do my make up only on special occasions... anyways, I bought this hair removing cream from watsons hoping to never have to shave again, and thinking that it would be an investment and that i'd be using it until the last drop... unfortunately, it was not effective and i don't know if i'll be even able to finish it... hay... uhm, question lang ate helen, how long does it take for you to "hit pan" with your make up?? :)

    1. Years? Haha! I've finished countless tubes of lip balms in the past, but I did not keep track. Yung pressed powder ng Maybelline lang yata yung talagang naubos ko at laging nirerepurchase. I give some of my makeup away, and some just expires. Sayang noh? Ayoko na ngang bumili. Haha!

  2. i passed to you the versatile blogger award.
    read it here:

    1. Thank you for the award, Jen! ♥


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