Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY: Accessories, Arranged!

My sisters and I have love for accessories, especially long/statement necklaces that can add spice to an otherwise plain outfit. Although they look pretty, keeping them in shape, arranged, and tangle-free used to be a pain. Well, that was until my sister discovered this in Daiso.

Daiso Adhesive Easy Hook (3 for P88.00)

Nine pieces of these plastic adhesive hooks only costs P88.00 (approximately $2.00), and it works like a charm! We sticked them at the back of our closet doors, so when we open the closet, we were faced with accessories heaven!

The other side of our closet door was where we hanged our skinny belts.

Cheers to the new arrangement of our accessories. We plan to add more hooks as our collection accumulates. Pretty neat, right? :)


PS. Credits to Cindy for inspiring this post.♥


  1. wow, cool! :) you got so many accesories! Glad you found something to organize all that stuff!

    1. Most of those are my sister's, and we hanged our collection combined over there. :)


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