Monday, November 14, 2011

HTC Sensation XE & XL Launch

Last November 11, 2011, HTC launched the new HTC Sensation XE & XL with Beats Audio in Republiq Club. My friend Ria and I went here right after I went to Bobbi's 20th Anniversary Party (which was more like a makeshift makeup studio rather than a party). Big thanks to Carina Alejandrino of Styles Entertainment Group for inviting me!

On display were the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. These headphones emphasizes the importance and beauty of music, which normal headphones can't provide. With Beats, people will hear what the artists hear, and listen to music the way they should.

HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio

With fellow bloggers Mar and Ria

About HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio:

SRP: P31,500.00

HTC Sensation XE pushes the boundaries of audio as it indulges the senses with astounding sound. It's bundled together with an exclusive custom made Beats headset. Crystal clear vocals, audio tracks, and fuller bass makes for an unforgettable music experience. With an enhanced 1.5 GHz dual core processor, you can surf and switch between apps with ease. It has a longer battery life of 1730 mAh so you can enjoy you phone for a long time. Another feature of this phone which I really love is the new instant capture camera. No waiting time for processing, because the moment you press the button is the same moment the photo is captured, so you will never miss a moment that's worth remembering. Great sounds and great camera are 2 of the things important in a phone for me. Lastly, the revamped lock screen now serves as a preview window - you can check your portfolio, your friend's status, and more while the screen is locked.

About HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio:

SRP: P32,500.00

HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio amplifies your senses. With its massive 4.7" WVGA screen and lightweight urBeats headset, this phone showcases outstanding multimedia content that's sure to impress your senses. This phone is sexy to boot - with it's sleek 9.9mm side profile with a pristine white chassis - it's the perfect blend of stunning aesthetics and functionality. Like the HTC Sensation XE, the camera works the same way. The moment you click your phone is the moment captured in the camera. Lock screen serves also as a preview window.

These phones just makes sense, and are filled with lots of surprises that are sure to delight you every single time. Impressive is an understatement. Are you loving these new phones? I know I am.


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