Thursday, November 3, 2011

FOTD: Flame Tree

As promised, here's a simple FOTD. I used just 5 products for this since I was in a rush. I call this my lazy day makeup. :D

Maybelline Angelfit Perfect Concealer in Light Beige
Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder in Natural

Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil by Eyestudio

Human Nature Mineral Blush in Rosy Cheeks

Human Nature 100% Tinted Lip Balm in Flame Tree

I promise I'll do better next time. Haha. How about you, what's your lazy day makeup? :)



  1. Very pretty! It's so pigmented for a lipbalm, and I think most lipcolors look good on you. :))

  2. @Jackie: Thank you dear! :) Flame Tree is so pigmented for a lipbalm, it's like sheer lipstick.

  3. you're so pretty <33 I tried posted one of my lazy day make up, I was lazy yet it's simple. yours is better than mine, cause you're so much prettier :) <33

  4. @Onika: Aww. You're too sweet. :) I've seen your FOTD too and even if you say it's simple, that's the one that shows your natural beauty. And I loved how you rocked your eyeliner technique. That's one thing I have to work on! :)

  5. The face that launched a thousand ships, Helen of Jeff. =D

  6. pretty! <33 Achie Helen, please do a review on the sunflower oil when you tried it out for long enough! :D hihi thank yoou! :)

  7. @Jeff: Why, thank you! Ayoko sinasabihan ako ng Helen of Troy e kasi sino ba si Troy. XD

    @Purplepastels: Sure thing! I'm liking it so far, not greasy at all! By the way, is this Nades? :)

  8. What a simple yet beautiful day look. Lucky you for having very nice skin! :) Pretty!

  9. YIZ :)) This is my super old blogspot that I don't use :)) LOL :))

  10. you're so pretty my dear! :D im using the same concealer under eyes! good product noh?

  11. @Noelle: Thanks so much for the sweet comment. :) Maybelline's Face Powder gives medium coverage which I really like.

    @Nades: Haha! I felt that it was you. :D

    @Ann: Thanks dear! Yes, it's nice and I'm halfway through with it. :)

    @Jade: Thank you. Ikaw rin! :)

  12. my lazy day make-up is just concealer, face powder and then a bright lipstick~! your skin is so flawless! <3 oh btw, can you share to me how much is maybelline's concealer?

  13. @Rose: My skin is far from flawless, but thanks to makeup it looks okay. :) Maybelline's Angelfit Perfect Concealer comes in 2 shades, P429.00 each. They go on sale regularly so it's better to wait for it. :)

  14. I love the Flame Tree lip balm too! So moisturizing and great color pa :)

    Can I cross-post this on Kikay Exchange? :)

  15. @Jillsabs: Now it's the only thing I bring when I'm out, no need for separate lip balm and lip stick! Okay, just link me back to your cross-post.


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