Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christian Bautista: Outbound

I remember watching Star in a Million way back where Christian Bautista was a finalist. Right then and there, we all knew that he would go far with his talent (and good looks to boot!). A few weeks ago, I got the chance to meet him in person when I attended his 1st Blogger's Conference.

This event introduced us to Christian Bautista's 1st international album, Outbound. This exposes us to the side of Christian Bautista we never saw until now. The songs in this album is not the usual ballad we're used to hearing from him, it comes with a twist - something special and definitely something worth listening to.

Hello there! :>

Earlier that day, Christian Bautista received an award which he brought along the Blogger's Conference.

Singing "I'm Already King" from his new album (one of my favorite songs of his)

The sound of Outbound is more contemporary, more modern. Christian Bautista collaborated with producers and artists abroad from the US, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia for the tracks in this album. This album contains 8 songs - a mix of slow and upbeat ballads. It's actually half experimental, half ballad, but made for easy listening nevertheless.

1. All That’s Left
2. Unphotographable
3. Faith
4. I’m Already King
5. What Can I do
6. Never Far Away
7. Wrong Number
8. Sakura

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Thank you, Orange Magazine TV, for this opportunity! Let's all support Christian Bautista as he embarks on this exciting new phase of his music career.



  1. not really a fan of CB but his album cover is really nice this time ha :))

  2. @Charles: Ako naman after the blogger's conference naging fan. :> Haha


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