Sunday, July 17, 2011

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Natural Brown

At last, I used my Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Natural Brown! I've been so curious about this product ever since first saw it in store. Having read to much rave reviews about it, I simply had to get it. I went looking for this on their grand sale, but it was always out of stock. Early this month, I saw this in their SM North EDSA The Block store and did not hesitate to get one. It was part of my mini haul for July. This is also Part 2 of my hair makeover (Korean style!). You may read about Part 1 here. :)

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring is an easy to use hair coloring kit. It contains a pump bottle which dispenses the coloring agent in bubble form for streak-free application.

Instructions were printed on the box (all in Korean though)

This packet contains an instruction leaflet (all in Korean words), a pair of good quality gloves, and a thin plastic cape to protect your clothes from the solution.

Silky Perfumed Treatment


  1. Combine the hair coloring packet (labeled #1) in the pump bottle (labeled #2).
  2. Tilt the bottle from side to side to mix the solution. Do not shake!
  3. Wear the gloves and cape provided in your kit.

This hair coloring kit had a floral, fruity scent (and this made me think that it was mild and gentle for my hair.)

Let's begin!

  1. Pump a generous amount on to your gloved hand.
  2. Apply the foam evenly to your hair.
  3. Massage dye onto your hair.
  4. Leave on for 30 minutes.
  5. Rinse off with clean water and use the Silky Perfumed Treatment right after.

I like the mousse/foamy texture; the color of the solution stayed white the entire duration of the application.

It's just like putting shampoo on your hair.
(I experienced mild itch on the back of my ears when some foam came into contact with my ears for a few minutes.)

I washed it off after 45 minutes because I thought that the color would not lift on my very black hair. Very bad move. I had heaps of hair fall when I rinsed off the foam. I never read about hair fall in other reviews, so I think it was just me. Next time, (if there will be a next time) I will remove it exactly after 30 minutes. The Silky Perfumed Treatment smelled so nice and worked miracles to the coarse and hard feel of the hair (upon rinsing off the color). I wish they sold this separately.



I had long regrowth already due to my last hair coloring treatment last August 2010. I had L'Oreal's INOA Hair Coloring System done on my hair, but the color hardly showed.


This was the result of the Bubble Hair Coloring in natural daylight.

Taken with flash (It looks like the color on the box, don't you think?)

  • It's very cheap at P378.00.
  • One box is more than enough for shoulder-length hair. I should have shared it with my sister, because I had a hard time finishing it.
  • The solution had a pleasant scent and it did not sting my eyes at all.
  • The results were very visible.

  • I had mild itching at the back of my ears when it came into contact with the foam.
  • It was not able to cover some of my white hair strands.
  • It's not completely streak-free. The back of my hair was still darker than the front (because of the foam that was more concentrated in front).
  • I had so much hair fall. :(

Day 2, when I washed my hair with water and conditioner, I did not have hair fall anymore. Hey, my hair is still in one piece! :D Just don't leave it on for long and follow instructions properly and you'll be fine. For now, I won't repurchase (and I'll give my hair ample time to heal), but if I were to buy another one, I'd get one in Wine Red (yey red hair!). If only I did not have exaggerated hair fall, this would have been a super duper HG hair coloring kit for me.

Price: P378.00
Available in Etude House stores and department store kiosks.

Have you tried this product for yourself? How did it go? :)



  1. Looks pretty! I'd love to try wine red too, i used to have that color last year. but the problem with colored hair is that it becomes prone to damage and you have to have the time in maintaining it with treatments and im just too lazy for that :( anyway, do update me with the staying power of the product coz im thinking about purchasing for myself.. :D

  2. Wow, what dramatic results! I have a similar product which I bought from Hong Kong but it's a Japanese brand and the color is berry pink. I wonder how it'll come out, haha!

  3. That's cheap! And, the color looks good on you huh! Just visiting :)

  4. have't tried this. i use another bubble dye from japan. :) thanks for the review though! ^-^

  5. The hair fall really was a horror! That's why I never color my hair. :/ It's the fear!

    However, this color looks so beautiful on you. :)

  6. I love the color sis. How i wish i can use that, i have a curly wavy hair and i need to rebond it every year. I am afraid to put color baka madamage ang hair on the next rebond. :(

  7. Wow, huge difference! I also have this bubble hair coloring in dark brown but haven't tried yet.. I want to have a haircut first before I color my hair..hehe..

  8. @Angel: Thanks and will do! :) I hope the color lasts and does not wash off easily.

    @Rowena: Berry pink is a very interesting shade! Can't wait for you to use and review it! :)

    @Mrs. Kolca: True! Thanks so much for visiting. :)

    @Sugar: What brand is your bubble dye? It's not that common in the Philippines noh? The first one I've seen locally is this one from Etude. :)

    @Yumna: Thank you! And yeah it was scary! I got relieved when it stopped and didn't happen again. I'll let my hair rest for the mean time. :P

    @Anne: Thanks, sis! We're the same! I have wavy hair too, but I stopped rebonding it since 2007 or 2008 (I can't remember). Hihi! Kuripot kasi ako, and I just embraced my hair, waves and all. Although sometimes my kid sister calls me a lion. HAHA! :D

    @Bel: I had a haircut too before using this because I sort of wanted a hair makeover. Please use your Bubble Hair Coloring na. I wanna see what dark brown looks like! Hehe! :)

  9. when i tried it too i was so afraid of the hair fall. i think it kinda dried my hair out compared to l'oreal or revlon. but i like EH bubble color cause its so easy to use!

  10. @Kumiko: Yup this one is so easy to use. I hope it does not make my hair drier than it already is. Haha. :) I tried the boxed hair color from L'oreal before but the color came out uneven.

  11. your hair looks fantastic with that color! :) but that's so much hair you've lost.. :O

  12. @Charlene: Thanks! Yeah, that was REALLY scary. :|

  13. the horror o - o scary... but your hair looks awesome with the color!! :D

  14. @Onika: Thank you! It was super scary. And the color starting to fade now, less vibrant than it was during the first few days. :(

  15. oh my god helen!! i should have seen this blog earlier before I left for US. I visited Korea for one day (just a stopover) and I saw an etude house shop! prices are way cheaper than in philippines! haaay, i could have bought a lot of etude house products there.. huhu

    i like to try that hair color too! is that the darkest color they have? how long does the color last on your hair?

    i hope to get back to the philippines soon so i can try those products!

    i like your blog by the way!

    -Jill V. again! :)

  16. @Jill: Hello, you true-blue jetsetter! :) Bookmark mo yung blog ko. LOL. Haha. OMG you've been to an Etude House store in Korea! You should have hoarded their products. And to think that their products here in the Philippines are already kinda cheap. For the Bubble Hair Color, there's black, dark brown, natural brown, and wine red. I picked natural brown because I intentionally wanted a brighter shade, but dark brown will look more natural (if you're after that look). I used this on my hair last July 16. My hair is still brown, but more toned-down now than its first week. However, my roots are beginning to show. Noooo! When you come back to the Philippines, please message me! Let's go to EH together. :)

  17. I love this EH product, tried it too! kaso it's temporary lang... mga 2mos siguro nag-last sa hair ko... :)

  18. @Rose: I'm nearing 2 months, and yeah my hair is less brown now. It's darker than last month and my roots are saying "Hello!" already. XD

  19. Mine too Helen! they're coming back now for revenge! I'm thinking of dyeing my hair again by myself but will look for another product to try. ^__^

  20. @Rose: Oh, me too. I would love to dye my hair again (lighten it further! hehe), but I'm giving it time to rest because I get falling hair. I will also look for another product because this one gave me scary hair fall. :p

  21. Hi Helen did this treatment dry out your hair? What special treatment have you been giving your hair after using this (salon, conditioner, shampoo,serum etc. used)? :D TIA! :D

  22. @Janinay: Yes it did, but my hair was dry from the very start. Haha. :P Once a week (if I have time or when I remember), I deep condition it using hair treatments that can be bought in the supermarket/dept. stores. Nothing fancy really. So yeah, it's still dry. :)) Just don't wash colored hair in hot water or the color might turn brassy. Lukewarm or cool water is okay.

  23. Looked specifically for this post! And oh, that was a horror I've already forgotten. O_O

    But the hair color looks nice on you. ;)

  24. @Charlene: I think I was the only one who experience this horror. I haven't read about hair fall from this hair color in other blogs. Thanks dear! My hair looks dark brown now though. :P

  25. is this safe for rebonded hair?

  26. @Anonymous: Wait for a few months first after rebonding if you're planning to use this just to be safe.

  27. Replies
    1. Haha! You still can't! Tapos pag nag dagdag pa ng 2 years yung high school because of DepEd, lalo madedelay yung hair coloring mo. >:)

  28. i got natural curls, can i use this product??

    1. Of course you can. I have natural curls too! :)

  29. really interesting! I've seen this in EH stores but I've never got one for myself. I want to try it but after hearing about the hairfall side effect...kinda scared me. I'm now hesitant to try this. I've had a bad experience with post-perm hairfall and I'm afraid of reliving it if I try to DIY color my hair... O_O

    1. I just used my 4th box last night. (I can't help it!) Haha! I still had hairfall, but that's just right after coloring my hair, as I rinsed my hair. Still kinda scary, but no more hairfall after that.

  30. how long does this color lasts? gusto ko itry kaso parang temporary ang sya :(

    1. The color is permanent, and it stays until your hair grows out and you cut it off. The vibrancy depends on how you care for your hair. It's best to use sulfate-free shampoos/conditioners and just rinse with cool water to prevent it from fading.

  31. Hi helen! Which is better natural brown or golden blonde? I want a light brown hair. My hair now is dark kahit na nagcolor ako ng chestnut brown no effect. Help me please :)) -nina

  32. Hi helen! Which is better natural brown or golden blonde? I want a light brown hair. My hair now is dark kahit na nagcolor ako ng chestnut brown no effect. Help me please :))

    1. Hi Niña! Get Gold Blonde. The box might be intimidating because it's yellow, pero mas light brown yung finish niya. :)


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