Monday, July 25, 2011

My First Blog Awards

It's another manic Monday. As usual, there's work. When it was finally time to go home, I got to the LRT station and prepared myself to get stressed with the perennially crowded train, until an empty train made its first stop at where I was waiting. And that, my friends, seldom happens! XD That eased my not so good day at work. I was pondering on what to write today here in my blog (because writing is my stress reliever). I came home to find Anne from's comment, tagging me in her post. I got my first ever blog awards from her! Thanks so much, Sis! You really made my day. :)

Award rules:
  1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
  2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
  3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
  4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.

7 Random Facts About Me:
  1. I used to be a chubby baby. Now I can't gain weight no matter how much I eat. I used to be so insecure about my weight. I even took protein tablets and drank Ensure milk together with my meals. I thought I had a medical condition so I had my blood checked for stuff like hyperthyroidism (which makes it hard for one to gain weight), but the results were normal. I even counted calories and took as much as I could. Nothing happened. One day, I just stopped and saw it as a blessing (instead of a curse). Someday, I would also love to grow curves in the right places, too. :P
  2. My face got burned when I was a kid. I was running and I did not see our maid coming with a freshly-boiled kettle. My entire right cheek got a second-degree burn. I was crying and my grandma gave me 2 pieces of Sugus candy (in yellow and green) to make me stop crying. (See, I remember it in full detail.) Good thing it did not leave a scar.
  3. I have a severe case of Monday blues! Really. I remember when I was in Grade 1, I would get teary-eyed every Monday morning because I did not want to go to school. Now, I don't cry anymore (Haha!), but I still get sad and feel down every Monday. I hope I finally find that one thing that would not make me dread Mondays.
  4. I have mild OCD. If anyone checks my wallets, my bills are sorted upright from the smallest to the largest denomination, and from the most crumpled to the crispiest. Every night, I check my phone 4 to 5 times just to see if I set the alarm clock in the right time (7:30 AM and not PM). I love fixing and arranging stuff.
  5. I hate math. Please don't make me solve math problems. I'd rather write a long essay than deal with numbers. Numbers make me want to vomit.
  6. I don't like sauce on my food. I can't finish my rice when it is soaked with sauce. No gravy on my chicken. No mushroom sauce on my burger steak. No lugaw. I want plain white rice and dry ulam. I find it yummy like that. (I bet your saying "She's weird" now. Haha!)
  7. My dream is to publish a real article. It might be shallow for some, but nothing beats seeing your name in print. I used to submit one-liners to Cosmopolitan magazine a lot. :D Someday I hope I can share meaningful articles, too.

The Favorite Questions:

Name your favorite colors:
I like pink and red. So girly! :D

Name your favorite song:
Stolen by Dashboard Confessional. It's my feel good song; I have it memorized by heart. <3

Name your favorite dessert:
Right now, I am craving for Selecta's Caramel Cheesecake Ice Cream. I tasted it for the first time last Saturday and I am craving for it again.

What pisses you off:
People who stop at the top and bottom of the escalator for no apparent reason.

When you're upset you:
When I am upset, I go to the mall and buy something that's so not me. I got myself a black floral onesie and a black cutout swimsuit when I was sad. I'm trying to avoid emotional buys now. My quick fix is McDo fries and Chocolate Sundae. XD

Your favorite pet:
I remember having an askal puppy I named as "Doggy" when I was 9. He was the only one that had pure chocolate brown fur; all his siblings were spotted so I immediately noticed him. I taught him to climb the stairs by putting little pieces of bread on the steps, and boy, did he learn fast! Until one day, I came home from school to find out that my relatives gave him away to some other people. Evil. T_T

Black or white:
Black. Black clothes give more contrast to my skin tone. Chos!

Your biggest fear:
I can take the thought of being alone at times, but I can't bear the thought of losing my loved ones. :(

Best feature:
My lips (because it's the only photogenic part of me. Haha)

Everyday Attitude:
Hungry! I am always hungry. My office drawer is filled with snacks. I think I could open a little grocery there.

What is perfection:
Nothing is perfect, but being with my loved ones make me perfectly happy. Especially with my baby niece, Daphne. She makes me perfectly happy after a long, tiring day. She's the only one who can make me sing and dance, I don't care if she thinks I am a clown sometimes, as long as I see her smile.

Meet my niece, Daphne! She's turning 1 this August! :)

Guilty pleasure:
Joining contests! I join a lot in Facebook promos, and since I am kuripot, I get super thrilled when I win stuff. Hehe!

I hereby award you, and I hope to read your posts soon! :D



  1. i also don't gain weight anymore i think. LOL!
    and high five on not liking math hahaha!!!

    congrats on the awards and thanks for tagging me. ;)

  2. Wow, you're the sweetest! Thanks for this lovely honor. :)

    4 and 5 apply to me as well. I always have a fear that I will wake up late, lol. Smh.
    I enjoyed getting to know more about you! :D

  3. @Sugar: I did not tell the people that I tagged them yet, good thing you saw! :D Congrats and I hope to know more about you! :)

    @Yumna: Haha! We're OC that way. You're sweet too! :) I hope to also know more about you.

  4. Wow, thanks for tagging me. :D This is my first blog awards too. You're sweet. :) I'll do this post soon! :)

  5. @Charlene: Congrats! It's my first time to and I got sooo excited. Hahaha! Looking forward to reading your post. :)


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