Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yoh Froz: Do Your Health a Flavor!

Last Saturday, my foodtrip partner-in-crime went to Yoh Froz in Rustans Supermarket, Shangri-La. We won in their Facebook Anniversary promo wherein we were among the first 50 people who posted Happy Anniversary greetings on Yoh Froz's Facebook Page!

I love their slogan. If you're in the mood for desserts, frozen yogurt is indeed the way to go. Now, I like frozen yogurt more then ice cream. I'm doing my health a flavor and favor!

They have plain and flavored (strawberry) yogurt and countless toppings to choose from. Take-away tubs are also available if you want to take home this yummy goodness! Yoh Froz also has Parfaits, Belgian Waffles, and Yoh-gurt Smoothies.

Both of us won a regular-sized cup of plain froz. We got pleasantly surprised at how big their serving was! I love how the milky and tangy yogurt tasted good on its own. Their flavored yogurt as of the moment is strawberry. My sister (who hates the sour tang of yogurt) told me that she loves Yoh Froz's strawberry yogurt because it tasted like strawberry ice cream. I literally got shocked to hear that from her. Now that one I have to try next time!

Happy 6th anniversary, Yoh Froz! :)



  1. ohhhh!! you're so lucky :D Yummy yoghurt <3 I miss eating it :) Though, I eat yoghurt at tutti fruti, but I also like to try an eat at Yoh Froz :D

  2. @Onika: I missed eating froyo, too! It's my first time to try Yoh Froz, and I will surely be back to try their strawberry-flavored yogurt. :)


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