Monday, June 6, 2011

Nivea Angel Star Soft Soufflé

My search for a light body moisturizer (for daytime use) led me to discover Nivea's super cute line, Angel Star! The entire range was in delicate pink packaging, which all the more tempted me to try it out. I'm a sucker for cute packaging! What I got was their mini body souffle, as I was so curious on how different it would be compared to body lotions and body butters. Another thing that intrigued me was that it has yogurt in it! Yogurt has lactic acid that soothes the skin and leaves it smooth.

Nivea says:
For your "wow-effect"! Nivea Angel Star Soft Souffle melts immediately into your skin and leaves it refreshed and soft all day long. This skin caring cream with yoghurt has an irresistible raspberry scent that gives your skin a real treat! Get that "wow-effect"!

This little tub is so cute and handy.

I like that the product is sealed.

This has a consistency of yogurt and panna cotta, and it bounces with touch!


  • I love that the product is sealed. It preserves the product's quality.
  • The production date is stamped on the bottom part (sticker) of the tub.
  • The small size of this body souffle makes it perfect for travel!
  • It smells so fresh and fruity; it's definitely a happy scent.
  • It has no sticky or greasy after-feel.
  • It does its job of relieving my skin when it feels dry after washing/bathing.

  • Since the texture is light, those with the driest of dry skin (namely, my body) may not find it moisturizing enough. But this is a good body moisturizer to use during the day as it won't leave you sticky. I still use body butter at night.
  • The texture is not souffle at all. It is more like a soft jelly, panna cotta, or yogurt, whichever you prefer.

Will I repurchase? Probably not. The texture is unique, but it works like a regular lotion me.
Price: P60.00
Available in Landmark Trinoma.

What body moisturizer do you use? :)



  1. oh! hello helen! im gonna check this out! great review! :)


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