Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Apple Express Spa

This day has been so gloomy because of the rain! Good thing I had something to look forward to after work - a FREE body massage at Big Apple Express Spa from Cosmopolitan's June 2011 issue! I have been an avid reader of Cosmo for 5 years, and this year, I'm so loving Cosmo's tie-ups with different establishments for all our primping and pampering needs. I'm already looking forward to the July issue, and freebies or no freebies, I would still buy and support Cosmo. :)

Cosmopolitan June 2011

Here is the list of fabulous freebies from Cosmo:
  • March 2011: Free Bikini Wax at Lay Bare Waxing Salon
  • April 2011: Free Hair Spa at David's Salon
  • May 2011: Free Makeover at The Body Shop + P200.00 discount on beauty loot
  • June 2011: Free Body Massage at Big Apple Express Spa or Body and Sole

Before I went to Big Apple Express Spa, I searched its location and found out that the branch nearest me was at Waltermart North EDSA. This was so heaven sent, as I pass by this place everyday when I'm going home from work! I do not usually go up to the third floor (where this spa is located) though, which I why I was pleasantly surprised to know it was there.

Must try this!

I also searched reviews on this spa before I went there, because I was curious on what the full body massage worth P299.00 was like. I arrived here at 7:00PM and the presented my copy of Cosmo to avail of the promo. The receptionist told me she was going to cut the small portion of the cover of the magazine, but I did not want a hole on the cover of my magazine. :P I asked her if she could cut the lower part of page 18, and good thing she obliged.

I asked her which type of massage I was going to get, and she said that it was the dry full back massage (30 minutes). That was not in their menu of services (on its own; I think this is part of their Manhattan massage), but it was valued at P249.00. After that, I was led to a small cubicle where I changed from jeans into the loose shorts they provided.

The cubicle was small, and some parts of the wall's paint were already chipped. The cubicles had wooden dividers and a curtain (as door). It was clean though, which was good enough.

I did not have to change my top because the massage was dry (no oil was used). The masseuse who attended to me was Ms. Myrna. She was really nice and friendly, and we made chika throughout the session. I told her that it was my first time to be massaged, ever, and that I had mild scoliosis so she applied light pressure. She found it funny that I felt ticklish whenever she would do poking motions on my back. Haha! I am so not used to other people touching me. She kneaded and loosened the tired and tense muscles of my neck, arms, back, legs, and feet for 30 minutes. After the massage, my neck felt like it could use some hot compress (so I had a hot bath when I got home). The rest of my body felt good and refreshed. My legs could definitely vouch for that, as I have been standing for almost an hour in the LRT before I had my massage, and now it is not sore or tired at all!

Cosmo girls (and guys), if you want to claim your free body massage, better do it on a weekday (since there would be less chance of waiting time), or book your appointment in advance if you want it on weekends. :)

I got one of their flyers to share with you their list of services, but a more detailed version of this was at the receptionist's desk.

For a first timer in body massage, I had a pleasant experience here. Thanks, Cosmo and Big Apple Express Spa! Where do you go when you need (or want) some pampering? Do Share. :)



  1. Thanks for this info Helen, I'm also an avid reader since 2007. Last month I claimed the free makeover at The Body Shop, I used it when I went to Freeway's launch.. =)

  2. Thanks Krystle! I haven't claimed the free makeover yet, I hope it's still valid. I'm a fan of Freeway's newest collection; I'll check out your blog entry about that! :)

  3. This is great! Just watch out for the next Cosmo freebies. :D

  4. Hi Peterich! I definitely will. :)

  5. I think it's still valid until the 25th of July..

  6. @Krystle: Yup! Good thing it's still valid! :)

  7. sayang! I didnt use mine. Is this Waltermart in Munoz? Or its another Waltermart? :)

  8. Hi Ria! Yes! This is the Waltermart in Munoz. I think you can redeem it, I saw on their sheet (where I logged) that the redemption date was until August 25 (60 days after the promo period, June 25). You can call them to ask and maybe set an appointment. :)


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