Thursday, June 16, 2011

DLSU Centennial Celebration

Happy 100th to my Alma Mater! Today, I woke up and realized that I had only one green shirt in my closet! So much for being a Lasallian. Haha! I wore that green shirt and white denim jeans to work today because I was going to drop by school after work to meet up with friends. As I was walking along SJ Walk, I saw Lady E's booth, Hyphen. At first, I got kind of shy, but then I approached her and introduced myself. I dropped by there just to say "Hi". I'm thrilled to meet fellow bloggers in person!

Lady E gamely poses for a quick snapshot with me! :)

I'm not sure if it was her mom, but she was nice and asked me to sit first. I got surprised when Lady E asked me to pick a shade from the Nyx Round Lipsticks she was selling, and gave it to me! :o She's so generous to her followers! Before I left the Hyphen booth, they also gave me some cutie post-its (that I will use at work and also share with my little sister).

Thank you, Lady E and Hyphen! :)

While I was looking for my lost friends (due to Globe's unstable service), I took some photos of the pretty lights on the Yuchengco building.

After a while, we finally found each other! Meet Trix and Celina, my pretty literary sisters. We are incomplete here in this shot. Our other sister Hannah and daddy Toph is missing!

My literary sisters!

Trix and I did not get to eat a real dinner there because there were too many people in the campus. We settled for an order of Master Siomai and plain rice. We both agreed that the siomai tasted weird and raw. Eww. Note to self: buy from Siomai House instead.

This was the lonely siomai that I was not able to finish.

I also saw this on display, Nalgene bottles with La Salle's logo printed on it. I want one!

The photo below was from my friend, Joanna. Check out this cool JanSport bag! Fit for La Salle students with its striking green color and matching arrow prints to boot. I think this will be available soon in stores. :)

The big JanSport bag is not for sale though. Ow!

I was not feeling so well today, so I had to leave early. Still, I'm so happy. I got to take part in my school's centennial celebration, got to meet new friends, and got to see my old friends, too. :)

Update for those who missed the Pyromusical (including me): I saw this clip from Youtube, and the fireworks were just so beautiful!

Animo La Salle!



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