Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finess Oil Control Sheet

Oil blotting sheets have been a staple in my kit since I was in high school due to my super oily skin. Even if I go out bare-faced, by mid-day, I would already have a shiny face. Boo! It was just this year that I shifted from my trusted oil control film to oil control sheets (made from paper) just because I wanted to save money.

Finess Oil Control Sheet's packaging is so pretty! I'm on my second pack now.
Finess Oil Control Sheet effectively removes dirt and oil from skin, leaving your face fresh and shine-free. It's handy and convenient to bring anywhere for instant clean-ups of face anytime. It's ideal for cleaning eyeglasses and camera lens as well.

Directions: Gently pat the oil control sheet in face (specially on the forehead and nose areas) to absorb oil and dirt. Instantly feel refreshed and oil-free.

Finess Shine-Free Pearlized Oil Control Sheet was the first pack I bought.

This has gold specks on the sheet, but don't worry, it won't transfer to your face.

My repurchase: Finess Oil Control Sheet with Printed Design. I wondered what the printed design is.

This one has its opening at the back.

Ta-da! It's sky blue with animal prints. Totally cute!

  • It is super inexpensive!
  • It's more environment-friendly because it is made of paper, not plastic films.
  • It has a smooth texture.
  • It does its job of removing oils from your face without leaving your skin dry.
  • It does not wipe off the makeup you have applied.
  • This product is a multitasker. It can also clean eyeglass lens and camera lens.

  • It is not durable, as it has the tendency to tear when blotting super oily skin. (It happened to me!)
  • One sheet may not be enough to blot off excess oils.

Would I repurchase? Yes.
Price: P39.00 for 100 sheets
Available in Watsons and Beauty by SM.

Do you also use oil control sheets?



  1. aww sooo pretty! are they effective though? i stick w the proven ones like J&J and clean & clear :D

  2. I used Clean & Clear too before I found these. Yes, Finess is effective as it does absorb the oil but on super oily days you would have to use 2 sheets of this. :P

  3. The one with printed design is super cute! :)

  4. Yes! I first thought that the printed design will be the same as the girl on the packaging but it was even better! I love the cute animal print. :)

  5. the packaging is just adorable! ♥

  6. my face isn't oily eh. sayang. it's super affordable pa :))

  7. I used Finess before I discovered Kleenex oil control film. Used them for a few years then I just had to shift as the paper tears up whenever MB uses them. LOL

  8. Oh I've seen those too. Is it the purple one? How was the Kleenex Oil Control Film?

  9. lame. i bought one 3 hours ago. clean and clear film is much more better. it is inexpensive but it tears up easily. what are the little goldprints for anyway? just so it would look cute? lame lame lame

  10. oh so you still have to approve the comment before you can finally post it? so how can the consumers know if this product is worth buying? very lame. eat your products instead.

  11. @Anonymous: Too bad this product did not work for you. And yes, I do moderate comments because I don't want spam published on my site.

  12. I just have to say that the commenter above you hellen ir really rude.

    1. I know, I just had to publish it! She got so mad because something worth P39.00 didn't work out for her.

      As for me, I'm still using this product until today as it works for me. :)

    2. Ang tagal na nito pero nakakainis yung anonymous.

    3. Nabasa ko nanaman tapos nainis din ako. Hahaha! True, andaming trolls na nagtatago as anonymous or dummy accounts. Mas okay if they show their real names but di nila kaya. :D

  13. Would you able to see the oil that has been wipe up in the sheet? Sometimes I prefer seeing it visibly

    ~" A Probinsiyana's blog "~


    1. Yes, pero slight lang. Mas dramatic parin un sa mga Clean & Clear.

  14. Wow. Thanks for the info. I bought it today. My face is too oily( i have many pimples). Pero dahil mas mura, ito muna ang gagamitin ko.

  15. Saan mo po nabili yan? I mean anong branch po ng SM or watsons?


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