Thursday, April 20, 2017

Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette

AKA my first legit contouring palette. What a milestone! Dalaga na ko. Hahaha! 😂

I only have a handful of Catrice products in my kit, but we're off to a good start! (This one's part of my Beauty Backstage haul.) I've always shunned away contour/bronzers since I thought I didn't need them, since I wouldn't want to make my face any slimmer, but it actually helps carve out my nonexistent cheekbones! I've seen makeup artists work their magic, and I would love to try it for myself, but most contouring products in the market are orangy. Not this one though! My Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette comes in the shade 010 Ashy Radiance, which has a grayish brown tone, perfect for light/cool skin tones! 

The packaging is really simple and straightforward. The texture of the powders are dry (and not too creamy). I see this as a good thing since I won't pick up too much product in one go. This one's very beginner-friendly.


Highlighter & Contour

The champagne highlighter looks warmer on the pan, but it looks a bit whitish when swatched. It's not the best highlighter I've tried, but it's okay. It works for fair skin, but it would appear white on dark skin. The contour shade though, I adore. It warms up my skin just right and it doesn't look muddy or fake.
Cheeks: Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette
Brows: Pretty Looks
Lips: SilkyGirl

And this is how I look like at work - well behaved. Haha KIDDING! Sometimes I even use violet lipstick. But for today it's my favorite Deborah Milano Absolute Lasting Liquid Lipstick + this contouring palette. I don't have cheekbones, so this one helps! 💛 Also, on days when I use my pink cream blush, I use this contouring powder under the blush, and for some reason it helps my blush stay on all day AKA all day glow! Love it! 😍

Price: P499
Available at Watsons/SM Beauty

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