Sunday, April 2, 2017

Essence 2in1 Eye Shadow & Liner in She's Got The Mauve

When my sister graduated last February, my Mom asked me to do her makeup. I was like, "Are you sure?!" because I've never done makeup on other people before. I ended up waking up at the crack of dawn to do just a simple but polished look for her. I needed an eyeshadow that's easy to work with, and I was so thankful to have received the Project Vanity Naughty and Nice Kit last Christmas because that's where I got this Essence 2in1 Eye Shadow & Liner from. This is the very first Essence product I have! 😍

This eyeshadow/liner stick comes in a classic chubby pen-type packaging. It's retractable, and there's no need to sharpen. The silver markings on the packaging fades though.

I usually don't like transparent caps like this because they tend to crack on me even if I've never dropped my makeup, but this one feels sturdy enough. Also, the cap locks and closes securely (see the ridge) so there's no chance of this one messing up your makeup kit.

I have a lot of neutral eyeshadows, but the shade 06 She's Got The Mauve is absolutely stunning. The formula is pigmented and creamy so it just glides on your lids without tugging. I just use my fingers to blend it, and once it sets, it stays on all day! I only use this as an eyeshadow though, not as an eyeliner. (It would be difficult to use it as eyeliner when the tip isn't that sharp anymore.)

Essence was not joking with their waterproof claim. I ran my arm swatch under running water, and rubbed it vigorously, and it still managed to stay put. I tried wearing this and walking outdoors just last weekend. It was too hot outside and I was sweating, but when I got to check my makeup, my eyeshadow was intact! It can really withstand water and sweat. For oily lids though, there might be a bit of creasing, but the color won't fade. (After all, it takes an oil-based makeup remover to take this off at the end of the day.)

Price: P279
Available at Watsons and SM Beauty

I'm excited to discover more of Essence's products. Which ones can you recommend? 💛


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