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Biking Lessons at Camp N Incubator Trail & Bike Hub

It's been months since I've last been to Nuvali's Camp N, and each time I come back I'm always surrounded by nature and I love it! :D As a North girl, I almost always equate going to the South as an "outing" or even day trip (because EDSA) and it's always a refreshing experience. There are so many trees and spaces for nature, as opposed to our overcrowded malls.

Last weekend, Nuvali started offering bike clinics for both beginners and intermediate riders at the Camp N Incubator Trail and Bike Hub in partnership with Specialized Philippines. We were each given our "I Choose To Bike" kits as an energy boost for the day's activities!

Now, there are more things to enjoy at Camp N aside from their thrill and skill-based attractions! In case you're not yet familiar, Camp N is just like Sandbox, where you can do the Aerial Walk, zipline, and more. Camp N will now also offer bike tours around the 2,290-hectare Nuvali landscape, which will go through the bird sanctuary trails and dirt roads.

Why is it called an incubator hub? It has the same concept of a baby's incubator, but this time it's your skills that will be developed. Within this 6-hectare facility, a 3.4 kilometer winding trail was built - designed with dips, bridges, and obstacles that are designed to test and train bikers' abilities. For kids who have yet to learn and practice balancing on two wheels, there is a dedicated play space for balance bikes. Along the trails are pit stops where guests can rest and enjoy refreshments.

Beginner bike clinics include courses on basic safety, bike parts, proper riding techniques, shifting, and hurdling obstacles. Intermediate clinics include lessons in riding pumps, hops, and cornering techniques, among others. All bike clinic fees include bike and helmet rentals and a detailed instructor. Additional equipment such as knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves are available for rent.

Bike Clinic Programs:
  • Bike Clinic 1 - for people who don't know how to bike; also for those who haven't ridden a bike in a while and would like to relearn the skill again
    • BC1-A Scoot to Pedal
    • BC1-B Brake, Lean, and Turn (BLT)
  • Bike Clinic 2 - for people who know how to ride a bike; fundamental skills such as balance, braking, and steering required
    • BC2-Introduction to Mountain Biking
  • Bike Clinic 3 - for people who have tried trail riding at least once; also for those who ant to improve their basic trail riding skills
    • BC3-Mountain Bike Skills

And so, here we are at Bike Clinic 1-A: Scoot to Pedal. Not proud, but not ashamed either! :D This level is for adults and kids (from age 6 and up) who have zero background in biking. Here, we were given an introduction to cycling and how the bike works.

The bikes we used were from Specialized Philippines. Specialized Bicycle Components is a California-based company was founded in 1974 by riders for riders. These bikes are so nice, sturdy, and probably expensive. Even newbies won't get intimidated because the bikes Camp N rents out are all new and in top condition. (I want one!)

We were taught safety guidelines in riding a bike, and #1 is NO HELMET, NO RIDE.

My turn! I was taught the proper way of mounting a bike.

An important tip I learned was to look forward and not downwards once you pick up speed. Our instructor was very motivating and I appreciate that! I was also taught braking simulation, which to my amusement was very easy because of the high quality bikes we were using.

The main exercise we practiced that day were scooting exercises in a straight line and elevated ground. Because you first have to learn to scoot properly before you pedal.

Lastly was pedaling exercises in a straight line, where I need more practice doing it independently. Disclaimer here is that they had no guarantee on how quick the learning curve of the student is within an hour, and whether the student will be able to ride the bike unassisted while pedaling as this will depend on one's capabilities. It comforts me to know that I had hope after all, and I just need constant practice in order to master the skills in riding a bike!

I've ticked a half-check on learning how to ride a bike off my bucket list. Next I want to learn is swimming. At 27, I'm afraid of the world, but I'll try my best. (Note to self: Be a future stage mom and make my kid learn all these at an early age. Kids have no fear!)

All the exercise made us hungry, so thank you Stratos and Camp N for preparing a feast of a lunch for us. Yes, this was our lunch for 2. Haha! (We are both into Japanese food, so special mention to GRYN Wasabi Sushi Bar - Sta. Rosa for the yummy California Maki!) Now, we're ready for our afternoon siesta. Hoho!

Also, while observing other riders practicing, Panda showed me a giant caterpillar. I can't wait for it to become a pretty butterfly! :D Nuvali is all about bringing people closer to nature and enjoying the outdoors. Here, we're encouraged to use bikes as a mode of transportation and as a leisure activity, which in turn promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Of course, you can't miss their attractions such as the Adventure Tower (that houses Asia's biggest rollercoaster zipline and facilities for wall climbing, rappelling, and free fall). At the Aerial Walk (my favorite!) is an obstacle course with three challenge levels and rope-based challenges set high in the air. A series of balancing platforms and tightropes called High and Low Rope Initiatives require the participation of small groups, which makes it ideal for your next team-building activity. (Check out my first Camp N experience here.)

Camp N Incubator Trail and Bike Hub opens to the public starting October 29, 2016. Use of the Camp N Incubator Trail is free between 6:30AM to 8:00AM until December 15, 2016. An entrance fee of P80 for Camp N will be charged if you ride between 8:00AM to 5:00PM. The trail will be open for bike clinics and tours everyday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

Those who wish to learn to ride a bike or hone their skills on the trails can contact World of Outbound at 0977-8422676 (CAMPN) or

To get to Nuvali, private vehicles can get off at the Mamplasan, Sta. Rosa, Eton-Greenfield, Silangan, or Canlubang exit along South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). Public transportation to Nuvali is available from major jump-off points such as Makati, Bonifacio Global City, and Balibago.

Thank you for the amazing day, Camp N! I had fun learning a new life skill and knowing that there is hope. :D

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