Friday, September 23, 2016

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask

I love Korean skincare, but I rarely get to try Skinfood products because they're overpriced here in the Philippines! While their stores here are perpetually on sale, they're still more expensive vs. getting them straight from Korea - particularly from Althea, where my sister and I love getting our Korean skincare fix. (This is not a sponsored post.) :)

Today's review is about one of Skinfood's Black Sugar Mask. I'm used to sheet masks, so whenever I get to try another type I get excited! This one's a hot item of Skinfood, and though there are countless reviews already, I'll share mine as well.
Skinfood Black Sugar Mask

When we bought this mask months ago, it was at a special promo deal of around P280 for a limited time period, but upon checkout and payment via credit card, we were charged P330. Tried to email the Althea CS, but it never got resolved. :/ I don't think they'll ever refund it, but at least we got it at almost half the price of its Philippine SRP in stores.


This mask is very easy to use. After cleansing, just massage an appropriate amount onto your damp face, leave on for around 15 minutes, and wash it off afterwards.

When you open the tub, there's a thin inner cover which protects the product.

I wasn't able to take a photo of it during its untouched state (beauty blogging crime! haha), but it looks like brown sugary jam. It looks a lot lighter in person, just like the swatches below.

I massaged it all over my face and since it's my first time to try a sugar scrub, it felt really gritty against my skin. Remember, your face has to be damp so this scrub would spread easily, and using your ring finger helps as it's has the most gentle pressure. If you find this too abrasive, you can add water or toner while massaging. On my end, I didn't have to do so as there was no irritation during and after scrubbing. 

The scrub has a very pleasant scent. I think it smells citrusy, while my sister said it smells like cola (!). The scrub warmed up my skin a bit to release dirt and oil, so by the time I washed it off, my skin felt baby smooth and balanced. Never dry and tight! It looked fresh and radiant, just like I had a decent amount of rest. Just remember to put on a light moisturizer afterwards to seal the deal. If you want to further pamper your skin, follow with your favorite sheet mask!

My skin felt really soft for up to the next 2 to 3 days, and my makeup adhered better because the canvass was smooth and more even that it ever was. (My lack of exfoliation is one of the culprit why I'm having lackluster skin that's rough to touch sometimes.) I'm adding this to my skincare routine and I'll commit to using this once or twice a week, also as a way of makeup detox to deeply unclog pores and nourish it at the same time.

Price: P330
Available at Althea

Have you tried a sugar mask before? :D


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