Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cathy Doll Ready 2 White One Day Whitener Body Cleanser [Spoiler: IT WORKS!]

Cathy Doll Ready 2 White One Day Whitener Body Cleanser has a big claim of whitening your skin just after 1 bath. At first, I was skeptical. How can a body wash work like that? I've seen lotions that could, but not for something that's washed off after a few minutes. Hence, it took me months (and a couple of shower gel empties from other brands) before I gave this one a try. I didn't have huge expectations, but I was curious at the same time.

The result is something you have to see! :o

Cathy Doll Ready 2 White One Day Whitener Body Cleanser

It comes with a plastic seal on the pump plus a Karmart sticker for authenticity. (Because you'll never know, everything is being copied/counterfeited nowadays, no matter how affordable a product is.)
Whitening | Brightening | Moisturizing | Pore-Tightening

This body wash contains milk protein, Vitamin C, and Arbutin. Milk protein is known to nourish and even exfoliate the skin, while Vitamin C and Arbutin brightens the skin. It also contains Vitamin E and moisturizers to serve as an in-shower lotion. (You'll see later.) It has a lovely floral scent that lingers long after you bathe.

You can use it with a bath lily/sponge or just your hands. Usually, I'd go for the bath lily to make most of the body wash as it suds up better that way. However, for this particular body wash, I'd advise using your hands to spread it all over your body, then use a bath lily/sponge afterwards to remove it (since it's harder to remove vs. normal body wash). But if you don't have a bath lily, no problem as well.


The illustration is funny but unbelievable. You can't transform from brown to white in just one wash, but this can help your skin turn one shade lighter. Effect is temporary though, as it wears off gradually during the day.

It has a liquidy texture that looks translucent and shimmery. Don't worry, it's not glittery. When I use this with a bath lily, it foams up and works like a regular body wash. However, magic happens when you use your hands. (It's just that you'll have to use more product than usual. But if your end goal is whitening, it won't matter if you're using more since you'll be getting real results.)
Once you rub/massage the body wash onto your skin by hand, it turns from translucent to a milky white lotion-like formula. It doesn't foam up, but it coats your skin with a natural white layer. It looks more natural compared to instant white lotions, as you will have to wash it off. There won't be any chalky or uneven white residue. Because of its texture, it doubles as a lotion. This body wash cleanses my skin, leaves it soft and moisturized, and makes it look brighter with just one use! (My dry legs can afford to skip lotion whenever I use this one!)

After: Brighter skin!

Guys, these are raw photos. I just had to add the words "Before" and "After". I left the body wash on my left arm for around 3 minutes and got that result. You can now toss aside your whitening soaps. LOL :D This isn't a sponsored/paid post. I received 2 bottles of this body wash during the launch, and I shared one with my best friend. Cathy Doll didn't ask me to do this feature, nor am I paid to do this. I'm just really amazed, hence the review. :D

Price: P349/450ml
Available at Cathy Doll stalls/kiosks nationwide

I can't believe how this one is so effective but so affordable. But I guess that's what you get with Cathy Doll. :)


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