Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fun weekend with my girls ♥

I miss writing diary posts like this. But the fun weekend I just had with two of my favorite blogger friends - I just have to document, so I can backread when I'm old! :D
Hi, Tellie and Dawn! :)

I met both Tellie and Dawn way back during beauty blogger events! We would chat endlessly about kikay stuff and life. We needed some catching up since Tellie was only on a short vacation here in the Philippines and will be going back to Korea once again this week. I suggested we meet up at DeAntonni Hobby Cafe at Del Monte Avenue, near Ace Water Spa/Banawe area. :D

Pretty Dawn :D

I love Dawn's fresh and bold look, and she's wearing Maybelline's Burgundy Blush lipstick here. (This one's a selfie she took on my phone. Hehe) I originally wanted to buy Clay Crush (which is a peachy nude shade that was also in her kikay kit that day), but because of her I want Burgundy Blush as well. The lippies are currently on sale at P199. Ano ba! Ayoko nang gumastos but how can you resist that.

I chose this place as venue since we planned on going to another board game cafe before and laging nauudlot. So this time, natuloy na siya. YEHEY! :D

I wasn't able to take photos of their dishes because I forgot. :P

I had this huge order of Pork Chop with Cheese Sauce (P140). If you like the pork chop at Tasty Dumplings, well mas masarap ito. Haha! It's more plump and tender, plus you can't beat the size. The original version comes with a sweet sauce blend, and I was the one who made kulit one day to have cheese sauce go with my pork chop. After that, it became popular so they included it in the menu. (You're welcome, guys! Haha)

We also ordered this huge plate of Nachos (P120) as our pica-pica while playing! Price range of this Hobby Cafe is affordable. You can play board games, read, or just chill since it's homey here. They have all-day breakfast, rice meals, pastas, sandwiches, snacks, coffees, milk teas, and more. I might do a feature in the coming days, but feel free to check out DeAntonni Hobby Cafe on Facebook for more information.

That day, I brought a Kracie Popin' Cookin' Doughnut Candy Kit with me so we made our own mini desserts. I've made Panda Bento and Sushi Kit before. I stand by my promise of buying ALL variants I see once I visit Japan. Haha!

These are seriously so fun, and I envy Japanese kids for having toys/candies as cool as these. I mean, they're just sachets of powder and they end up looking like glorious donuts. Even the plastic wrapper is so functional - we folded it and it served as the donuts' box! The best part is, they tasted like donuts! :o

One cute part of our meetups as I've noticed is that we always bring a little something for each other without saying. Para kaming may untold exchange gift. Haha! Dawn sketched us portraits. (WOAH!) She's such an AMAZING artist. She managed to finish one face sketch in just 30 minutes. Kaloka. I couldn't even product one that nice even if you give me a day, as I don't have artsy cells. Tellie gave us cute lippies from Korea, which I am most excited to try and review! (Wine Lip Tint!!!) :D

Awarding Ceremony. HAHA
(Thank you so much, girls!)

I stayed at DeAntonni because they had a Dice Game event during the evening. I wasn't able to win the Angpao and GCs, but I was able to bring home a LOT of snacks. :P Since we finished really late, our friend decided to host an impromptu group sleepover at his house just nearby. I didn't even bring a toothbrush or any skincare product (talk about being unprepared), but it was fun. It was extra fun because I made a new friend named Paquito!

Paquito is the sweetest Golden Retriever I've ever met. He's even friendlier than the dogs at Barkin' Blends. He loves humans! When it was about time for us to go, he would tilt his head and extend his paws so we'd pet him again. Pano mo siya iiwan niyan? :P

That's all about my weekend. Right now, I'm still a bit distracted. I read a book yesterday, and it spoke to me, saying "We must learn to be a little patient; it's worth the wait." I'm waiting for an answer to something I'm really aiming for, but several opportunities popped up just yesterday which are both good and interesting but I'm not very sure about them yet. I'm not used to sharing about personal stuff on the blog, but I really need guidance, so please pray for me. :D


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  1. Awww! I love posts like this (especially if it has my selfie in it!). Next time I'll try the porkchop... tapos I want more cheese in everything! LOL More bonding sessions soon!

    P.S. Hello cutie Paquito! <3

    1. Awww sweet! Glad you liked it! :D Meron sila extra cheese sa menu, pa-rename nating "The Dawn". HAHA

      YES! Potential friend of Aqui! :)

  2. Fun! I miss Tellie T____T

    Praying for you, Helen!

    1. YES! Date date din tayo next time when you're not so busy, Krissy! :)

      Thank you! I appreciate it a lot. :*

  3. Aww, you girls look gorgeous! I miss Manila bloggers but I'm still glad to have met new blogger friends in Pampanga din. It's quite nice na our blog isn't just about writing and sharing our love for makeup but also about making new friends, learning new things, and discovering new possibilities. :)


  4. Food and friend the perfect combination! I will be praying that you make the right decision :)


    1. Indeed perfect! Thank you so much, Steph. I appreciate it. :)


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