Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Makeup by Mary Ann

I love having makeovers. It thrills me whenever someone puts makeup on me, since I achieve the look I don't normally do for myself, and learn new tips and tricks along the way. When my friend's sister asked if I could be one of her models for her makeup portfolio, I said YES in a heartbeat!

Trivia: It was Mary Ann who made me curious about The Body Shop workshops 4 years ago, since it was one of her favorite beauty brands.

I don't have a photo of her stash. I saw a LOT but it wasn't even 1/4 of her collection! It was a good mix of high end to drugstore makeup brands. I particularly liked how she "depotted" her makeup palettes to make a customized one like this! 

Here are a few samples of her work:

On Desi
(Bare, Day, and Night)

You may visit Desi's blog, Beating of a Heart, for a more detailed story on her look. 
On Cindy
(Bare, Day, and Night)

On Me
(Bare, Day, and Night)

Say hello to that very unflattering before photo. LOL! :D I like the Day look very much.
Day Look

Mary Ann had light hands and the softest makeup brushes, and I like how my skin showed through this day look. She used Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation on me, which I am itching to get for myself as well because of its light to medium coverage and dewy finish. I also initially didn't imagine myself wearing a metallic pink lippie, but ended up liking it, too.

Night Look

For my night look, she visualized the peg Marilyn Monroe on me. I feel like myself more when I'm sporting red lips. I would've loved the flick of my black eyeliner a bit shorter and sharper though. I am inspired to practice that on my uneven, hooded eyelids. I just have to get my hands on a though eyeliner that won't smudge on me no matter what. Suggestions? (I'm really considering Heavy Rotation as recommended by Tellie!)



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