Monday, December 29, 2014

Ellana Pressed Mineral Blush Duo in Kitten/Peach Passion

For this post, I'll be sharing with you my favorite blush of the moment. I've been ignoring the other blushes in my kit and using this nonstop for around two months already.

I already have a blush duo from Ellana in the shade Flirtation/Fetish. My standard go-to color for blush is pink, since it's standard that one flushes "in the pink of health" or so they say. It wasn't until I modeled for Julia's Poreless Perfection workshop that I discovered the wonders of a nude peach blush.

On to the packaging. It's a cardboard compact with magnetic closure. It comes with a mirror, too. I appreciate that they put designs on the part near the blush trays, since my previous one was all white, and now it looks messy.

Kitten - light pink gold shimmer
Peach Passion - nude peach shimmer

Both shades are pretty with finely-milled gold shimmers, so there's no need to highlight your cheeks anymore when you have these. The texture of these pigmented blushes are soft and buttery.


Kitten gives me a super fresh, blooming look!

Peach Passion

Peach Passion is my favorite because it's not as pink as usual blushes, nor is it brown as bronzers, but it manages to add dimension to my face. It gives my cheeks a nice lift, and I can wear this shade day or night, with any eye or lip color. It's nude, warm peachy shade goes with everything, and it looks perfectly natural.

Peach Passion can also work as eye shadow, and you can wear it on your eyes and cheeks simultaneously without looking silly. It gives a different effect on the eyes and cheeks. Try it! ♥

Price: P460.00 (get 15% off when you buy online)

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Aside from the mineral foundation, this one is another favorite product of mine from Ellana. What's yours? :)



  1. I haven't tried Ellana products pa, honestly. But I can see na a lot of the blogs I follow (yours included) love their products! I'm so gonna try them soon. Currently, I'm using a blush naman from SanSan. They have this mosaic blush that I love so much :)


    1. How cute is that mosaic blush! :D Sansan's also a nice and affordable local brand. Next time, try Ellana! Super love ko to as in. I'm wearing this blush again today. Haha :D


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