Friday, December 5, 2014

Fluff Egg Brush Cleaner

I love playing with makeup, but the part which I don't want to face is cleaning all the used makeup brushes afterwards. Now if only they'd clean themselves... Luckily, I've came across a cute little tool that forever changed the way I viewed brush cleaning. Get this, brush cleaning can actually be made easy and more fun! :D

I'm talking about the Fluff Egg Brush Cleaner I got from SumWear Co!

SumWear Co. is a 3-year old beauty online store that sells US authentic and other high quality beauty tools. Recently, they have launched their own line of makeups and beauty tools, Fluff by SumWear Co! As of now, they carry 5 items on their line: Contour Kit (Snow), Contour Kit (Fair), Mini Lash Curler, Egg Brush Cleaner, and Brush Guards.

Fluff Egg Brush Cleaner (P275.00)
Clean your brush anywhere you go with this super portable and cute brush and sponge cleaner! Bring it with you on travels or vacations!

It comes in darling pastel colors: pink, purple, and turquoise!

The other side of the Fluff Egg Brush Cleaner resembles a laundry board. It helps with the lathering and loosening of dirt from the makeup brushes. 

I'll show you how it works!

Take a dirty makeup brush.

Put a small amount of brush cleaner on the Fluff Egg Brush Cleaner. (I always just use regular shampoo.)

Then clean the brush in sweeping motions. See all the makeup residue come off! :D

Then rise the Fluff Egg Brush Cleaner ASAP so there won't be any dirt or stains left behind.

Fluff Egg Brush Cleaner -> Good as new!
Makeup brush -> Clean!

The smaller (circular) knobs on top are for your smaller makeup brushes (such as eyeshadow, eyebrow, etc.).

I'm in love with this handy little tool! ♥ It saves me time and shampoo, since I used to just lather it all up using my hands, rinse, then repeat. Now, my brushes are clean in just one go. TRY IT! :D

For more information, please visit Like SumWear Co. on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram @sumwearco.



  1. This is so cute and handy! I have to have this hehehe. Thanks for posting! :)

    Paola // Resuscitate


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