Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pre-Birthday Celebration at A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante

Today, I'll be sharing with my pre-birthday celebration with my high school friends. But then, all you'll see in this post are the food we ate since I'm no good with it comes to writing about my personal life! This year, I feel blessed since I felt that my birthday was 4-days long - like it started on Thursday and ended last Sunday. :D

As far as I can remember, I ducked and hid under the covers during my past birthdays to avoid the "Libre!" hirit. This year is different since I am now a big girl, and I can now afford to treat them dinner. Oh yeah! The theme of the celebration was "No Gift, No Entry" and I think my friends took it to heart. I was half-kidding, half-serious, you guys!

The plan was to have dinner at A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante in Trinoma, but some of us early birds met up first at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Here's we're pretending to have big eyes! o_o

So much for being a big girl; I can't even drink coffee! I just had CBTL Vanilla Ice Blended - my favorite! If you like CBTL too, then you have to attend the Espresso Cream Open House on Sunday!

After everyone arrived (as if the party was a big one), my friends picked which dishes to order. I chose A Veneto to celebrate my pre-birthday with them since I find this restaurant to have delicious pasta and huge servings. I mean it! Each serving is good for 2-3 persons.

Tossed Salad (P130.00)

This one was good; the salad was fresh and crisp but I really have yet to learn to appreciate and eat more veggies.

A Veneto Family Platter (P315.00)
A unique combination of their chicken wings together with crabsticks, cheddar munchers, and French fries

The crabsticks looked like mozzarella sticks, while the cheddar munchers looked like potato rounds! Why is that??? 
Oil and Garlic with Seafood Pasta (P320.00)

If you're going to dine here, this is a must try! This pasta won our hearts and stomach by being simple yet so flavorful. Every time I dine here, whether it be with my family, colleagues, or friends, we make it a point to order this and everyone agrees that it's delicious. Gotta love all those shrimps, clams (no shells included), etc. all seasoned in light oil and garlic.

Nut Pesto with Chicken Pasta (P275.00)

We were all initially excited for this pesto pasta, but the Oil and Garlic Seafood Pasta stole all the attention, and this one paled in comparison in terms of taste.

Baked Ziti with Meatballs (P320.00)
3 big meaty pieces of Italian meatballs on top of penne pasta. Baked with rich marinara sauce and topped with soft mozzarella cheese

This GIANT dish we weren't able to finish. It had 3 wonderfully big meatballs on top! I took the leftover of this dish (almost half of it) home, and realized at home that this one was also delicious. I've tried other types of red sauce pasta from A Veneto before, but this one tops my list.

Special Pizza - 14" Medium (P455.00)

For A Veneto, this one is cut into 6 big slices, which would have been 8 slices if it were from other pizza chains. I'm not too keen on this pizza though. I don't like the greens and the crust. Perhaps, I shall try the seafood or all meat pizzas in the future.

Before dinner was over, my super duper sweet friend surprised me with cupcakes from Frostings! ♥

No dessert this time, since we were supposed to have cronuts for dessert in Anybody Coffee, but they were all sold out! We went to GongCha instead for a wholesome nightcap. :D

I will be writing about my birthday celebration with my family next (Clue: The HEAT is on!), and unwrapping my gifts soon.


PS. Thank you for spending the night with me Jeanne, La Reina, Francine, Christopher, and Jathniel! ♥


  1. Happy Birthday Helen! Looks like you had so much fun. ^^ The food looks awesome. ^^

    1. Thank you, Charlie! :D The food is awesome, and the servings are huge! You have to try it sometime. ;)

  2. happy happy birthday helen <3 we used to eat a lot in that place i think we prolly tried half of their dishes haha ^^

    1. Thank you, Shayne! :D Lucky you! I have yet to try their other dishes! :)


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