Sunday, August 4, 2013

Etude House Bling in the Sea Collection for Summer 2013

Just when you thought you'd seen everything from Etude House's fairy tale make up collection, Bling in the Sea has finally landed to our shores!

For Summer 2013, Etude House presents a make-up collection with all things shiny and mysterious - perfect to fulfill young princesses dreamy mermaid fantasies! This is the second fairy tale makeup campaign following the Sweet Recipe Collection for Spring 2013.

Sulli wears a mermaid-inspired make-up look with summer trend color emerald green pearl eye makeup with radiant clear skin, brown and emerald green gradation two-toned hair, and sparkling blue nails.

Bling in the Sea offers with glamorous sparkling color eye stick Proof10 Bling Eye Stick, multi-powder pinkish blush Cheek Designing Brightener, glittery cool summer colors for Bling in the Sea Sparkling Nails, and all day lasting vivid and creamy-textured Proof10 Color Eye Stick.

Proof10 Bling Eye Stick  
Waterproof eye-stick with glitters for twinkling tear effect


1. Bling-bling tear effect with plenty pearls
- Surrounding Twinkle System makes arcane and fantastic eyes with various appearance of glitters by different angles
- Surrounding Twinkle System: New-concept technology with fine particles to maximize sparkling and it is possible to show various colors of glitters by the angle of 360ยบ
2. Waterproof
- Stay Fit System lets makeup stay on for long time period and it makes possible to have fun in the water with strong water and sweat resistance
3. Smooth texture with light fitness
- It will fit on eyes instantly with light fitness and smooth texture
4. 3-in-1 stick liner
-Multi stick liner that has tear effect liner+ eye liner + eye shadow in one stick

Proof10 Color Eye Stick
Waterproof creamy eye stick with vivid colors


1. Soft texture and excellent fitness
- It is applied creamy and smoothly and it fits perfectly all day long
2. Waterproof with water and sweat resistance
- Strong waterproof effect to keep eye makeup clean with smudge-free
3. Various ways to use with one product
- Using eye stick only highlights eye makeup with point color 
- Smudging with the attached tip helps to express base color
- Bright colors can be used for tear effect and expressing puffy under eye

Proof10 Auto Pencil
Limited waterproof pencil eyeliner of brown and ocean blue color 

  • BR403 Star Brown: Dark brown color with glitter
  • BL601 Ocean Blue: Deep ocean-like blue color

1. Strong waterproof  and superb long-lasting
- It maintains clean eye lines for long time period in daily life with silicone barrier that is safe from water and oil by coating eye lines.
- Contained purified vegetable wax lets the makeup stay on all day long with vivid colors.
2. Smooth applying
- It’s applied smoothly which is perfect for sensitive eye area with vitamin C, vitamin E, and aloe powder.
3. Attached sharpener
- Sharpener always makes it easy to keep the pencil sharp to apply delicately

Cheek Designing Brightener
Multi Beam Powder for luminous skin finish


#01 Pink Beam (left)
#02 Apricot Beam (right)

1. Multi beam powder
- Bling Beam Trans Powder that has low refraction expresses clear beam from deep in the skin in any angles
- Bling Beam Trans Powder: Beam powder flashing clear beam light through light refraction not through artificial coloring
2. Soft focusing effect that smoothens skin evenly 
- Light correction powder softens and makes even skin by protecting unnecessary light refraction, so it helps to express twinkle and airbrushing-like skin
3. Beam color selection as different skin tone
- Apricot color beam has been released as well, so it is possible to select the beam color that fits on individual skin color between subtle pink beam and fancy apricot beam 

Color Pop Shine Tint
3 in 1 magical pink tint of tint + lip gloss + lipstick


1. Lipstick + tint + lip gloss
- 3 in 1 magical tint that is highly pigmented like lipsticks, long-lasting like tints, and shiny like lip glosses
2. Hybrid-gelling system
- Maximize the glossiness to enhance long-lasting effect by gelling much oil
- Availability of various coloring with applying colors to oil phase and water phase simultaneously
3. Superb moisturizing and long-lasting
- Botanical Moisture Wrapping system: Hydro-Fitting Polymer with Guar helps outstanding moisturizing and long-lasting by forming moisture barrier

Sparkling Nails
Summertime limited nail polishes with plenty of fancy glitters


From Left to Right:
#01 Golden Sand
#02 Magical Kiss
#06 Sparkling Jewel Box
#05 Garden in the Sea
#03 Silver Bubbles
#04 Mermaid's Tear

1. Fancy glitter nail polishes
- It shines and sparkles with plenty of glitters that reflects lights, and each color has different color, size, and texture of glitter so it shows different result.
2. Non-chip, long-lasting effect
- Sparkling nail color maintained much longer with stronger adhesion of base so it is not chipped easily even in the water
3. The best ratio of glitter and color base
- The best  ratio makes it possible to apply color base cleanly and apply glitter softly

The Bling in the Sea collection will be available in Etude House stores in the Philippines by mid-August.

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  1. Really like the ocean green color of eye stick.,

    Maybe we can follow each other!!
    Happy weekend..
    Keep in touch,

    1. That one is super nice! :D

      Following you now via GFC. :)

  2. Ooo, I really want to try the eye sticks! Thanks for the info, Helen!

    And also - I'd really like to thank you for letting me know about the pictures on my blog. You were 100% right (nothing wrong with your internet/computer), they were messed up! xD Thank you, I've fixed it now. ^_^

  3. I really try one product of this collection because looks really pretty!

    Join to my Giveaway for Win an Etude House CC Cream!

    1. Etude House never runs out of pretty things! :D

  4. Hello Helen, I love this collection for me parang soft and sheer yung mga shades. The cheek designing brightener looks promising. Finishing powder yun diba?

    It was great seeing you at the etude house princess academy event ^_^

    1. Yes I think it serves as a finishing powder/highlighter. :D

      Super nice seeing you at the event, too!

  5. Oh myyy. I'm liking this collection! :) I think i'll try their nail polish and pencil eyeliner. :)

    1. I'm loving the Sparkling Nails, and I want to try the Auto Pencil too! :D Lahat gustong itry!

  6. Another cool line! Sulli looks so pretty in that pic. The Bling Eye Sticks look awesome. ^^

    1. Yes, she looks beautiful! :D Wish I could do makeup like that!

      I'm loving the Bling Eye Stick! Effortless teary-eye (in a good way) effect. :)

  7. hey helen did they say when they will release this in the PH? :) been waiting for so long haha. im really excited with the pencils and nail polish colors :D

    1. According to EH's marketing, estimated release date would be mid-August. :)

  8. I'm LOVING this review so much~ You have such an amazing blog! THanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower via google (616) and bloglovin (134). I'd love it if you could check out my blog and follow me back as well! Also, if you'd like to keep in touch via FB or twitter, just do so and let me know so I can follow back =)
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    1. Aww thanks, Kim! :) I love your blog as well, so chic!

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      Let's keep in touch via FB too, mine is :)


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