Sunday, August 25, 2013

My New Glasses: M.Missoni from EO

When we had our Annual Physical Exam at work, I got faced with the fact that my eyes no longer had 20-20 vision. I work in front of the computer all day, and even at night (for my blog), so I guess this is the result of it all.

I convinced myself that I didn't need glasses, and that no eyeglasses frame would look good on me. And then, a 3-day mallwide sale came, erased all my doubts, and led me to my first ever eyeglasses purchase (on whim). Haha!

I just walked into EO, curious on whether there would be a pair of eyeglasses frame that would suit me. I was torn with the fact that the grade of my eyes wasn't high enough to really need eyeglasses, but at the same time, I wouldn't want it to get any higher (and my eyesight any more blurred) so I just went for it.

The eyeglasses frame I chose was from M. Missoni, an Italian designer brand. Each pair of frames alone retails for about P7,000.00, but since there was a 3-day mallwide sale, I was able to get it at 50% off!

Each pair comes with a fancy box, eyeglasses case, and cloth to wipe your glasses with, all in white (but there might be other colors available).

This is the pair I chose, with safari-inspired zigzag patterns on the side. I chose brown instead of other bright, eye-popping colors (like red or purple) since I'm planning to use this everyday and I wouldn't want it to clash with any of my outfits. If you may have noticed, the lens reflect a green tint, which means that the lens have been multicoated to protect your eyes when using the computer. Don't worry, the tint isn't visible when worn.

Because I didn't want my white Missoni box to get all dirty, I also received this hard case to store my new specs. It's really durable and it keeps your glasses in one piece; I should know because I've already dropped it twice, accidentally, and my glasses are still good as new.

Brand: M. Missoni
Model: MM10501 53 16 140
SRP (frame): P6,990.00, less 50% off during the sale -> P3,495.00
SRP (multicoated lens): P995.00, less 10% off during the sale -> P896.00
Total: P4,391.00

If you're planning to purchase new glasses, I highly recommend EO for your vision care needs. This isn't even a sponsored post! I got my pair at EO in SM North EDSA (Main); look for Ms. Kris to assist you since she knows how to recommend nice frames that would suit your face shape and budget. But then, do wait for 3-day mallwide sales, as the frame you might be eyeing might just be at 50% off!



  1. This reminds me that I need new glasses soon. I kinda dislike my current. Though it looks okay pa, I hate that it falls off of my nose... Hahaha! xD


    1. Oh no, this one falls on my nose too when my face gets oily by midday! :)) Wala kasing support sa nose part. Haha!

  2. How much is the hard case? Your glasses look nice!

    1. I actually don't know. The SA gave it to me for free! :)

  3. I love your new eyeglasses. This is a perfect timing for me because I need a new eyeglasses and I hate my current because it always leave some marks on my nose plus I'm using mine for about 3 years na and it is also from our APE. -Herschel

    1. Hello Herschel! It's about time! :D But do wait for a mallwide sale para mas sulit bumili sa EO, discount on both frame and lens.


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