Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chef Robert: Comfort Food At Its Finest!

When I'm craving for some good ol' comfort food, only two words come to mind: Chef Robert. This restaurant is one of the best I've tried along Banawe. My family, high school friends, college friends, and colleagues all agree with me on this! If you haven't tried it yet, it's never too late. I'll be sharing with you a little food diary on my collective visits to this resto over the past months. The first time I tried this resto was in 2011, and my last visit was just last Friday! :D


Cream of Pumpkin Soup

Kani and Corn Chowder

For starters, have some of their warm and tasty soup! We usually order the mushroom soup (with real mushroom bits that you can feel and taste), but crab and corn soup and pumpkin soup are also good. Their soups can be ordered single serving or for sharing. When I was a kid, my favorite homemade soup would be Knorr's crab and corn soup. Chef Robert's Kani and Corn Chowder is way better; its taste brings about a whiff of nostalgic memories. This soup has a thick (and absolutely not watery) consistency, and it has bits of crab sticks and corn which I love.



Cheesy Fries Platter

My family almost always orders Calamari when we dine here since it's my little sister's favorite. One time, we went for Cheesy Fries Platter, but this dish didn't really wow us as much as the Calamari did. It could have been better had the fries been more special than just the regular frozen ones you could get from the supermarket. Good thing it came with cheese!


Salad Rolls in Kani and Mango Dressing

This one's actually my favorite picture from this post. I used my new camera to take this super sharp shot of the salad! :D My friend actually thought this was a dessert - the way it was presented. It looks delectable - and it is actually! Take that from someone who I doesn't even like vegetables. My favorite part would have to be the mango dressing and the big kani (crab) sticks. If you're looking for something different, something healthy, and something filling, this is the way to go.


Seafood Marinara Spaghetti

This is the seafood version of the well loved Chicken Parmesan Spaghetti. (Say hello to the mussels!) What I like about the pasta is the sauce - it has that sour tang that's true to Italian pastas.

Pad Thai Gung

An order of Pad Thai Gung is definitely good for sharing. My dad loves this Thai-inspired dish. They don't skimp on the shrimp as you can see!

Main Dish:

Prawn Tempura

This is my new favorite. My friends know me for weirdly liking "dry" food, meaning no sauce or separate sauce. They say I am the only person they know that detests sauce, and I don't know why either. So, that being said, I'm liking the Prawn Tempura since it comes in a HUGE serving of 5 big pieces of tempura, a separate tempura sauce (which I dip just a tiny tiny part of the tempura in), and a cup of rice. The breading of the Prawn Tempura is fried to a crisp finish, while the inside is big juicy shrimp heaven. ♥

Dory Fillet in Soymansi

This one is my youngest sister's favorite. It has that super nice mix of salty and sour sauce that tickles your tastebuds. And the dory fillet is soft and tender to boot.

Bangus Sisig

My Mom and Dad loves this healthier and less sinful version of the ever famous sisig. At least this one is made of fish meat cut into tiny cubes, and garnished with onions. An order is also good for sharing.

Cheesy Chicken Rice Melt

This dish is my first love from this resto, and it never dies. I swear, every single time I go to this restaurant, someone from my family orders Cheesy Chicken Rice Melt. One time, I went with 2 of my colleagues here for dinner, and the 3 of us ordered this same dish! It's the only dish smothered in (cream) sauce that I manage to finish because it's that good. (Tip: Ask for extra cheese topping if you must for an even more enjoyable cheeseplosive experience!)


Cafe Mocha

To cap off your meal, get a hot cup of coffee or Twinings tea. My Dad always gets a cup of Cafe Mocha, and one time I asked the waiter if they could customize the latte art, and here's what they made! If you're into cold drinks, try their milkshakes.


Black Forest Cake

I was having dinner with my colleagues then the friendly waiter asked if I wanted to try the new Black Forest cake on display. Without hesitation, I said yes! While I wished that the sponge cake would have been more moist, the part I loved most about this cake was the icing in between the layers of chocolate sponge cake. Cherries and cream definitely make the world a whole lot better. :3

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake

One of their newest offerings was this Cookies and Cream Cheesecake. I am absolutely crazy for cheesecakes so naturally I had to try it! The top part was a bit crumbly, so expect some cookie bits to fall off as you eat this. The middle part was the best part of it all! Creamy cheesecake with cookie bits inside.

I usually go here with my family for an early dinner, since we love the Happy Hour promo that entitles everyone to a whopping 30% off on all food and drinks, everyday at 2PM-5PM!. You should, too!

I'd like to know, what dish from Chef Robert are you most craving for? :)

Chef Robert
Address: 847 Banawe Street, Quezon City
Telephone: (02)7409330, (02)4130674
Price Range: P150.00-P250.00 per person
Store Hours: Mon - Fri: 10:00-22:00, Sat-Sun: 07:00-22:00



  1. Nagutom ako. Parang gusto ko nung salad. haha!

    1. Marami sila iba ibang klaseng salad. :D Gusto ko ng tempura!


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