Saturday, June 8, 2013

Forever 21 Hello Kitty Lip Gloss

Most girly girls never outgrow their love for Hello Kitty. I know I haven't! Apparently, Forever 21 knows that, too. Forever 21's Hello Kitty Collection arrived the Philippines towards the end of 2012, and this lip gloss was part of the limited edition collection.

This came in a box of 6, which I believe my younger sister gave away as gifts last holiday season. She gave me this one with Hello Kitty on it. It's my first time to have a yellow lip gloss, and though it my look weird on the tube, I'm happy to say that it goes on clear.

This Hello Kitty Exclusive Collection Lip Gloss set comes in fun, rainbow colors with a sheer and shimmery finish. How I wish that the one with Hello Kitty on the packaging came with the reddish gloss instead!


My nerdy self thinks that this lip gloss is similar to my favorite highlighter (no, not the makeup kind).

  • It has its ingredients clearly listed on the tube.
  • The manufacturing (12/09) and expiry date (14/09) is indicated on the tube.
  • It comes with a slanted tip applicator.
  • The packaging is simple but very cute.
  • It smells nice. It has a subtle floral-vanilla scent (though I'm not sure if I got that right). Bottom line is that it has a pleasant scent.
  • It doesn't have any weird taste.
  • It does its purpose of adding a hefty dose of shine on my lips - therefore making it look plumper.
  • It's sheer so it looks really natural - just like your natural lip color, only enhanced.
  • The shimmer isn't too noticeable. (I don't like glittery lips.)
  • You can top this off any lip color and it won't cause the color to change. It just adds shine to the look.
  • It's cheap. A box of 6 costs about P385.00 if I remember it correctly.

  • I'm not too crazy about the ingredients they used for this product. I don't think this will have any beneficial/healing effect on the lips.
  • This product feels warm on my lips, and I don't know why.
  • The texture is quite runny.
  • It's sticky, just like most lip glosses are.
  • It's limited edition, so it may be hard to find.


Bare Lips

When Worn

While I love the clothes, I'm still not convinced with Forever 21's makeup products. I haven't encountered one yet that wowed me. This line of lip gloss is like kid stuff; our little sisters and nieces might appreciate it more.

When it comes to Forever 21 cosmetics, do you love it or leave it?



  1. What a cute lip gloss! Something every Hello Kitty fan would love to have. ^^ Looks to me that Forever 21 still has to improve their makeup products so as to compete with drugstore brands. ^^

    1. It's cute but the gloss should have been red or pink so it would be more like Hello Kitty. :) Yeah, F21 has a long way to go when it comes to the quality of their makeup products.

  2. I bought this naked palette dupe of some sort from Forever 21 two years ago and it was good in fairness. Unfortunately, I think they discontinued it na ata eh. :/


    1. Yes, I remember that! I was looking for that too but it seems like it's not available anymore. :P

  3. more hello kittys! ^^ i love this blog :D i like F21 accessories and clothes but i never tried their cosmetics. i like how you took a pic of the lip gloss with the stabilo highlighter :)

    1. Haha! Can't ever get enough of Hello Kitty! :) I love their clothes but not so much for the makeup. I like the Stabilo highlighter better than this lip gloss. Haha!


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